Five Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Assisted Living

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Assisted Living

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Assisted Living

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Many seniors and their families avoid the subject of placement in residential nursing care until all other options have been exhausted. They fear a loss of independence; moving into a nursing home means living on the facility's schedule, losing home comforts and having less privacy. But what if that were not always the case?

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Luckily, there are a variety of residential senior care options in the Midwest. Those families seeking nursing home care in Cincinnati may be surprised—and pleased—to learn that person-centered skilled nursing facilities are available in our area.

In the ERH family, the Deupree Cottages are built around this concept.

1. In-home nursing care cannot address every emergency.

In-home nursing care or rehabilitation can only offer so much peace of mind—such a service is limited in the level of medical assistance it can provide in the home. If n situation should arise in which you or your loved one were to require immediate advanced care, critical time wasted awaiting transport to a hospital could mean the difference between a good or poor outcome.

A skilled nursing home has more resources and staff at its disposal to address a serious medical emergency. Most seniors and their families realize this, but for many, increased safety at the expense of personal freedom seems like too great a trade-off. The Deupree Cottages offer an intriguing third option.

2. Living in a nursing home shouldn't feel like living in a nursing home.

Imagine a nursing facility that looks and feels like your home. Built as Colonial and Craftsman-styled residences in Cincinnati's desirable Hyde Park neighborhood, the Deupree Cottages are just such places. They are uniquely tailored to allow seniors to live as independently as they can in a luxurious setting. Residents:

  • Decide on and maintain their own daily schedules. They do what they want to do, when they want to do it.
  • Live in private rooms and or suites, each with an individual bathroom.
  • Have a range of foods to choose from at each meal time, as prepared by highly skilled nutritional care staff in open, community kitchens.
  • Enjoy as many classes, activities and outings as they wish to participate in, including trips offsite to ballgames, museums and even restaurants.
  • Have wireless internet, spacious, comfortable social commons and beautiful gardens at their doorstep.

3. Minimally-invasive specialized care is the new norm.

The Deupree Cottages leave out the institutional setting, but provide the full range of senior care resources that one would find in a more traditional nursing home:

  • Skilled nurses, social service and spiritual care specialists.
  • Certified physical therapists to address any rehabilitation or ongoing strength training needs.
  • A comprehensive fitness and aquatics center to aid those in post-surgical recovery, and for residents to maintain daily exercise routines.
  • Visiting specialists to address residents' focused medical requirements.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to whole wellness.

4. Person-centered care is based on empathy and dignity.

Leaving home and entering a nursing facility naturally isn't your first choice. In providing person-centered care, the staff of the Deupree Cottages put your feelings and needs first. They are there to support you and your loved ones, not to dictate the way you will live your life during your stay. If you need help with a task, they will provide it. If you don't, they will respect your rights to privacy and self-determination.

5. Episcopal Retirement Homes is an innovative, national leader among senior care providers.

ERH has provided senior health management and nursing home care in Cincinnati for over 60 years. In that time, it has developed a reputation for providing cutting edge, caring service. In fact, the Deupree Cottages were recognized in Design for Aging: International Case Studies of Building and Program as one of only six communities nationwide that provide “excellent aged-care environments”

As a faith-based, non-profit group, ERH's mission is to serve seniors and their families and ensure its residents are, "Living well into the future."™

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