Make the Most Out of Senior Living This Summer: Book a Cruise

Make the Most Out of Senior Living This Summer: Book a Cruise

Make the Most Out of Senior Living This Summer: Book a Cruise

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senior-livingLife after retirement is all about living well. And life can still be filled with new and exciting experiences even after you have transitioned into a retirement community. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or have been wanting to explore the world your entire life, there is no better time than now. Without a huge house, yard or kids to look after, there shouldn't be much in your way!

If you're thinking of getting away this summer, booking a cruise could be the smartest travel decision you make, and our tips can help you get started!

How To Choose Which Cruise Is Best For You

1. Land ho or out to sea? 

The first order of business is to ask yourself whether you want to set sail on the open seas for a few days or select a cruise that makes regular stops at ports along the way. While many cruises are meant for short tourist stops, some wind around the coast out to sea with most of your vacation spent on-board.

2. Tour or independent? 

Here are important considerations. If you are new to traveling, a fully-guided tour cruise may be your best option. Even if you are a seasoned traveler, there are many upsides to guided tours. With guided tours you will be able to rest easy the entire time, kicking back as someone else plans your meals activities and excursions. Tour cruises can also be a great way to maximize your vacation time. Take, for instance, the very popular Alaskan cruises.

These carefully planned vacation packages offer personal attention and excellent amenities, plus you get to see a whole host of scenery and local attractions-- glaciers, national parks and wildlife-- in only a week's time. And if you're looking to extend your vacation, tours like this also offer land-based excursions for cruisers who like to split up their cruising with sight-seeing.

For seniors who may need special assistance getting around at port, a guided tour is almost always the better idea.

3. Activity filled or pool time?

Most cruises offer something for everyone these days, but some specifically cater to active seniors with featured daily activities like water polo and deck top yoga or a themed experience like an upscale casino where evenings are filled with luxe parties, gourmet food, dancing and entertainment. And some cruises cater to spa-seekers with relaxation in mind- massage, facials and pool time by day, jazz music and healthy meals by night.

4. Medical care on board?

Nobody wants to fall under the weather while on vacation, but top notch medical care on your cruise is a must. Living well in your senior years means covering the bases to keep your health protected. Before you hit the book button or commit with your travel agent, put this on your check list. And if you have a pre-existing condition, it's not a bad idea to introduce yourself to the medical staff upon arrival.

5. Looking for nostalgia?

Most of us have caught ourselves saying, "I remember that time in the French Riviera" or "I loved that trip we took to Australia." Well, you can relive those experiences! Popularly referred to as "nostalgia cruises," there is a subset of travel cruises that design the experience around fond memories of the past! Sharing most of the same advantages of tour cruising, nostalgia cruises allow you to see what's changed in your favorite destinations while creating new memories.

Book Your Own Travel Adventure This Summer

Living well into your senior years means continuing to experience the things you love in new ways. If you have a long-time or new thirst for travel, a cruise this summer can have you seeing new parts of the world, making new friends and creating more memories ahead.

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