How to Find Your Purpose After Retirement

How to Find Your Purpose After Retirement

How to Find Your Purpose After Retirement

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Deupree House Resident, Pat D.

It’s easy for people to identify their purpose while they’re working. Whether they have a job outside the home, are dedicated to raising their children, or have some other sort of occupation, finding meaning in the day-to-day can be easy. 

After retirement, though, it can sometimes be a bit more challenging to find and live out that purpose. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are many ways that you can embrace purposeful living, even after retirement.

Finding Your Purpose

Try New Hobbies

The first way you can find a new sense of purpose is by trying new hobbies. You really want to think outside the box in this case. Create a list of as many possible hobbies as you can. Do some research online, ask your friends and family members, and consider anything you’d be interested in trying. Then, pick a few favorites to start.

Just because you choose a particular hobby doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick with it forever. You might surprise yourself and find something new that you love to do! 

If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few hobby ideas to get your list started:

      • Gardening
      • Photography
      • Genealogy
      • Writing
      • Music
      • Art (Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, etc.) 
      • Travel
      • Yoga

Deupree House Resident, Victoria C.Volunteer

Sometimes the best way to bring purpose back into your daily life is by spending some of your time giving back to others. Volunteering is an excellent pastime, and you can tailor it specifically for you and your personality. 

If you’re someone who loves working with children, volunteering with kids at a church or school can be a great outlet. For people who love cooking, volunteering at a local soup kitchen can play to their strengths. 

No matter what you love to do or who you enjoy working with, you can find a way to spend time volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others. Here are a few other ideas of places you could volunteer:

      • Museums
      • Zoos
      • Libraries
      • City Municipal Buildings
      • Community Youth Centers

Get a Part-Time Job

Yes, you may be retired, but that doesn’t mean you can never work again! Maybe you can find a job that fuels your passion, isn’t too stressful, and doesn’t take up all of your time. For those who love woodworking, DIYs, and other handy projects like that, working at a hardware store can be a great outlet to help advise people on what to purchase. 

Learn Something New

Learning is not only an excellent way for everyone to expand their minds, but it’s also a passion and a purpose for some people. 

Maybe you want to learn a new language to communicate with a new friend. Perhaps you’ve always been interested in mythology but never had time to learn about it in depth. 

No matter what you’re interested in, you can find an online course that can teach you all about your new favorite subject. Just think how impressed your family and friends will be when you share with them what you’ve learned!

Living Out Your Purpose

Once you know what it means for you to live purposefully after retirement, it’s time to put it into practice.

Like some seniors, though, you might feel like you don’t have the time to pursue your newfound passions — even after retirement. If that’s the case, consider moving to an independent living retirement community. Believe it or not, doing so might help you find the time and resources to support your purposeful living journey. 

When you don’t have to worry about or spend time on home upkeep and maintenance, you’ll have more freedom to do what you want to do. Many retirement communities also have volunteer programs to join if that’s something you feel called to do. With these kinds of communities, you have complete control over your life — it truly is independent living. You simply have the support and benefits of the community around you.

No matter your passion and purpose, it’s time for you to start living it fully. Try out some new hobbies, think about what you’re passionate about, and get ready for a new era of purposeful living. 

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