Smart Planning Makes Senior Life Easy for Summer Travelers

Smart Planning Makes Senior Life Easy for Summer Travelers

Smart Planning Makes Senior Life Easy for Summer Travelers

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senior-travelingWith a little bit of smart planning ahead of time, your summer can be full of travel. 

You may have chosen your destination, but have you worked out the finer details? Our tips will help you take care of all the particulars— from arranging the most ideal travel package to packing essentials you will need during your vacation—that will help you travel with ease this summer.

Write a Travel Checklist to Ease Senior Life This Summer

1. Decide what type of vacation experience you want.

While you may have an adventurous spirit and love exploring the hidden treasures in each city you visit, have you considered what type of travel you could benefit from the most?

  • Tours. If you love to sight-see, but want to enjoy the amenities of planned travel, a tour is the way to go. With a tour group, you'll enjoy the companionship of other senior travelers and be able to look out for one another as you explore your destination. Tours take the work out of planning meals, transportation and hotel rooms.
    • Travel Tip: before booking a tour, be sure to know the type of rooms you will be staying in. Some tours advertise low rates, but don't say much about the style or size of room you will be accommodated in. You will want to know ahead of time if the hotels have elevator access, are close to hospitals or urgent care and are equipped with handicap accessibility if necessary.
  • CruiseCruising is a great way to pack tons of experiences into a short period of time. Taking a cruise is also a perfect way to visit many destinations in one trip, and many also feature gaming, casino nights and dancing. The stops at port usually offer guided tours as well. Before you book, however, make sure there will be top-notch medical staff to assist should an emergent condition arise as well as air-lift services if necessary.
  • Luxury resort. Sometimes summer vacations are all about maximum relaxation. All-inclusive resorts that cater to mature adults are a great way to socialize with others that share similar interests. The other advantage of luxury resort vacationing is the appeal of in-room services. You can often book a five course meal and massage right in your room!

2. What’s on your packing list? 

For seniors, there are essentials you do not want to leave home without:

  • 2 packing lists so that you’re sure to come home with (most) of what you left with— including your packing list!
  • passport & passport lanyard
  • emergency contact information
  • emergency health instructions
  • health insurance cards with primary health provider's details
  • notepad for essential information
  • extra eyeglasses or a magnifying glass
  • cross body purse or other sealable tote that you can easily keep track of at all times
  • proof of travel insurance

And remember: Never check essential items. Be sure to pack a set or two of multi-purpose garments and any medications you need throughout the day. Be sure your passport and emergency information is on your person. 

If you experience a pre-existing condition, visiting a travel medical specialist before traveling can help prepare you for visiting remote locations as well.

3. Scope out the best places to rent vehicles

Some locations in Europe and Africa place age restrictions on rentals often leaving seniors stranded once they arrive at their destination. Luckily, a rise in senior travel has many countries offering discounts.

  • call rental companies, don't count on the web to list restrictions
  • inquire with AARP for the latest rental discounts
  • Make sure you inquire with your insurance provider about getting a short term travel policy as some providers place limitations on damages or expenses incurred overseas.

Travel safe this summer and have a great time!

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