Reflecting on the Holidays at Deupree House

Reflecting on the Holidays at Deupree House

Reflecting on the Holidays at Deupree House

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The holiday season is winding down, but Deupree House is still buzzing with excitement after all the delicious food and fellowship. Residents and staff alike enjoyed participating in all the fun holiday activities our Life Enrichment team brought to campus and sharing this joyous time with their loved ones.  

In case you missed our holiday celebration, we sat down with our Director of Dining Services, Pete Juszczyk to discuss his favorite things about the holidays at Deupree House. Likewise, we spoke with our Executive Director of Hospitality Services, Emerson Stambaugh, for his tips on how you can start preparing for next year’s festivities right now. 

Pete Juszczyk on the Holidays at Deupree House

ERS: What do you like most about the holidays at Deupree House? Do you have any favorite traditions?

PETE: To see the enjoyment—no matter what age you are—that comes around this time of year. The spirit of giving is so well represented both at Deupree House and [our sister community] Marjorie P. Lee. I love seeing the overwhelming joy in our residents and staff alike. Being here and seeing our community so involved and sharing the spirit with others is so heartwarming. 

As far as traditions go, embracing spirit throughout the community is something I enjoy every year. It is amazing to see everyone’s passion for the holiday season. I’m thankful for the residents who give rather than receive and who teach us the true meaning of the holidays. 

That is not to say you don’t feel this sense of community throughout the rest of the year. You feel it every day—but it’s even more radiant over the holidays. This joy, in turn, helps those who might be lonely or having a tough time this time of year. 

ERS: As the Director of Dining Services, do you have a favorite holiday recipe or meal? 

PETE: I would say a bone-in prime rib roast! 

ERS: The holidays are winding down this year, but do you have any tips for seniors for future celebrations?

PETE: It’s hard to give tips when the residents are the ones teaching me. But I would say reach out to loved ones if you’re struggling this time of year. Likewise, reach out to those who are struggling. 

As for our residents, keep giving us feedback. Let us know what you love and enjoy most about the holiday season, so we can better serve you in the years to come!


Emerson Stambaugh (left) and Pete Juszczyk (right) in the Deupree House lobby.

Emerson Stambaugh’s Tips for Next Year’s Holiday Season 

ERS: The 2019 holiday season is almost over, but do you have any holiday tips for seniors to help them avoid stress next year? 

EMERSON: Isn’t it a shame that we often feel the most stress at the most joyous time of year? A few years ago I told myself I was not going to allow this to happen anymore. I sat down and made a list and a schedule of things to do to help me—or anyone, at any age—have a holiday that is a little less stressful. 

First, start planning your holiday the day after. I realize that may sound ridiculous, but all I mean is go ahead and pick up cards and wrapping paper when it is on clearance in January. You are sure to have it when you need it, and save some money!

Next, shop throughout the year. Perhaps you want to give a gift more personalized than cash and gift cards. When you see an item that you know one of the grandkids would love, go ahead and buy it—even if it is July. Just make sure you remember where you stored it. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe it is a little something that you give along with the cash.

Around October, I pull out that gift stash and inventory what I have and, more importantly, what I still need. This allows you to beat the stressful last-minute rush.

Lastly, if you are asked to contribute to a meal or you wish to contribute to a meal, shrimp cocktail is always an easy dish to prepare, just thaw and serve. If you prefer something even easier a good bottle of Pinot Noir goes with most any holiday dinner. I highly suggest Cloudline from Oregon.

Happy Holidays from Deupree House 

We at Deupree House hope you had a joyous holiday season! If you are interested in celebrating the holidays with us next year, visit our website or call (513) 561-4200 to schedule a tour of our senior living community. You can also learn about our levels of care here.

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