More Gala fun happening soon

More Gala fun happening soon

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The Peterloon manor

The masterful artistry found in each facet of Peterloon’s design makes the estate a magnificent and memorable setting for our Evening of Grandeur on Sept. 23.

With more gala events approaching to provide fun, friendship, and crucial money for Episcopal Retirement Services’ Good Samaritan Mission Fund, Executive Director of Philanthropy Joy Blang encourages people to register soon.

Rather than hosting one large Gala to benefit the Good Samaritan Mission Fund as in past years, ERS this year is hosting smaller, more intimate events, with three happening in coming weeks.

The Timeless Traditions event is happening Friday, Aug. 19, at Hyde Park Country Club. People wishing to enjoy that elegant evening at one of Cincinnati’s oldest and most prestigious private clubs are asked to sign up by the week of Aug. 8.

A few fun events

ERS this year moved away from a single gala in favor of smaller ones for two reasons:

  • Safety, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
  • Also, “We’re a person-centered organization, and we want to have meaningful interactions with people,” Blang said. “When you have an event with 400 people, it’s very hard to have very many interactions.”

Having smaller numbers of attendees opened up many unique and interesting venues as possibilities and more intimate friendship-building for everyone.

Coming up, Timeless Traditions

HPCC-EntranceThe Timeless Traditions gala location was requested by residents not only for its beauty but because Hyde Park Country Club is close to the Deupree House and Marjorie P. Lee campuses.

“We wanted to make sure we were making the experience as comfortable and inclusive of our residents, who have different needs when they go to an event,” Blang said.

“It’s an opportunity for them to include their children, their families, their friends as their guests.”

All three remaining gala events will feature live entertainment with some surprises. All food and beverages will be included in the price for each event.

An important cause at ERS

The annual gala is a significant source of funds each year for the Good Samaritan Mission, ERS’ annual fund.

The gala “raises nearly a third of all dollars and allows us to continue to provide the best quality care for our residents,” Blang said.

The Good Samaritan Fund provides money for many of the programs, services, and ministries that aren’t financed by rents, fees, and subsidies.

Among many uses for the fund are resident financial aid, affordable living programs; Deupree Meals On Wheels; the ERS Center for Memory Support and Inclusion; staff emergency assistance; and chaplaincy on ERS campuses.

“Those are all things that rely on philanthropic support in order for us to be able to provide them,” Blang said.

In September, An Evening of Grandeur

On Friday, Sept. 23, the majestic Peterloon estate will be the location for An Evening of Grandeur. It was owned by the family of John J. Emery, principal developer of downtown Cincinnati and one of the city’s greatest philanthropists. It’s located on 1,200 wooded acres. Guests will enjoy alfresco cocktails on the lovely grounds, an elegant dinner inside the stately manor, and opportunities to tour the family’s private living quarters.

Because Emery was such a great giver to causes, the Peterloon event is a celebration of philanthropy, something sure to appeal to ERS donors.

In November, Jazzin’ at The Manse

ERSF-Manse-Historic-sq-photoOn Friday, Nov. 4, the main venue for Jazzin’ at The Manse will be the former ballroom of The Manse, which once was the first Black-owned hotel in Cincinnati. It was one of a few places in the region during the segregation era where African-Americans could stay.

Guests that night will enjoy The Manse, which has been renovated into an ERS Affordable Living campus for low-income seniors.

In the early 20th century, many Black athletes, musicians, business people, and families lodged there while traveling.

As a bonus for guests at the Jazzin’ gala, the cocktail hour will be next door in the historic home occupied by the Cincinnati Federation of Colored Women’s Club.

Horace Sudduth owned The Manse, and his wife, Melvina, was a member of the African-American service club.

Both The Manse and the Colored Women’s Club buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Jazzin’ event should appeal to Affordable Living, Jazz, and local history supporters.

Breaking out of seclusion

The events will be opportunities to mingle after years of isolation.

Blang noted that seclusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic had taken a toll on people’s mental health.

“We know social interaction is critical to mental health and wellness,” she said. “So we’re hoping that guests will feel comfortable to come to these events as an opportunity to engage with others who are passionate and care for all the older adults we serve.”

In May, ERS held a Sponsor Appreciation Night at the Ballpark as part of the gala series.

“We call it fundraising, we call it friend-raising, we call it fun-raising,” Blang said. “I think all of those things are equally important in putting on the gala series.”

“One of the ways I can give back to those we’re serving is by creating these memorable moments, where we’re all coming together, having a great time for something important, and needed,” Blang said.



Kristin Davenport
July 28, 2022
Kristin Davenport is the Director of Communications for Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS). Kristin leads ERS’s efforts to share stories that delight and inspire through social media, online content, annual reports, magazines, newsletters, public relations, and events. Kristin earned her BFA in graphic design from Wittenberg University. She joined ERS in 2014 after a 25-year career as a visual journalist and creative director with American City Business Journals. Her role at ERS has ignited her passion for making Cincinnati a dementia-inclusive city, and she spends time with residents as a SAIDO® Learning lead supporter. Kristin is the executive producer and co-host of the Linkage Podcast for ERS. Kristin and her husband Alex live in Lebanon, Ohio, with their two daughters. She also serves as a Trustee and the President of the Lebanon Food Pantry and is a board member for ArtScape Lebanon, where she teaches painting and has an art studio, Indium Art.

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