ERS Wins Top Workplace Award for 10th Year in a Row

ERS Wins Top Workplace Award for 10th Year in a Row

ERS Wins Top Workplace Award for 10th Year in a Row

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Episcopal Retirement Services—the Tristate’s premier, not-for-profit retirement care and affordable senior living provider—has just been named one of Cincinnati Enquirer’s Top Workplaces for the 10th year in a row. We are one of only five companies to receive this award all 10 years, and we couldn’t be more proud of the hard-working staff members, volunteers, and board members who made this achievement possible.

“It’s no secret, at least not to us or the thousands of terrific older adults and their families whom we take care of every day,” said Laura Lamb, president and CEO of ERS. “We never tire of telling the ERS story: person-centered care is at the core of everything we do.”

Why We Value Being a "Top Workplace" 

Episcopal Retirement Services started with a purpose: to do good for older Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana residents; for their families and caregivers; and for the community as a whole. We don’t do it because it’s easy—we do it because it’s our calling.

Mary_Johnson_1600wAnd for 66 years now, we have worked tirelessly to provide expert, dignified and person-centered senior care to all of our residents and community-based service beneficiaries.

To ensure that we maintain the highest standards of care, we hire people who not only demonstrate a passion for looking after seniors but also show genuine compassion and joy in their work and understand that effective care is personalized.

We also recognize that, to fulfill our mission, we have to take care of our own. When our team members are happy, it shows. They spread that happiness to not only their co-workers but also our senior residents.

Investing in our team members' happiness is, therefore, an investment in our senior residents' wellbeing. Moreover, it's the right thing to do. Person-centered care thrives in such a positive environment. We see the results in our residents' faces, the way they act and how they talk. They feel content and express a more positive outlook on life.

Staff Engagement as the Secret to Success

Chuck_Reed_ECH_1600wHow has ERS maintained the title of one of the Top Workplaces in Cincinnati for 10 years? The answer is simple: our team of providers, nurses, resident assistants and support staffers truly believe in our purpose.

“Seeing the residents smile puts so much joy in my heart,” said Daneika Farmer, household coordinator at Deupree Cottages. “When someone looks at me and smiles, that right there does it for me.”

"Seeing the residents smile puts so much joy in my heart. When someone looks at me and smiles, that right there does it for me."

When people can walk into work every morning feeling inspired and fulfilled, it creates an unparalleled environment of positivity.

Another reason, we believe, that we’re once again a Top Workplace in Cincinnati is that we focus on engagement over recruitment.

Judi_Dean_1600w“We take the time to get to know our candidates,” explained Molly de Jesus, manager of talent acquisition and staff development at ERS. “Our biggest differentiator is our culture, and we’re very intentional about it. We invest a lot of time selecting the very best candidates who are going to be the best cultural fit—someone compassionate, innovative, and devoted to working in service to others.”

“The culture is one of respect and caring for one another. It is a supportive environment that encourages innovation and inclusion,” she continued. “We’re intentional about that part of who we are. It’s how we focus the way we do our work, as well as how we serve our elders.”

A Legacy of Service

While we have been selected as a Top Workplace in Cincinnati for ten years running, some of our staff members have an even longer legacy of service. In fact, 29 of our staff members have more than 25 years of service to ERS.

Carol King, an RA from Marjorie P. Lee in Cincinnati, OH, has the most seniority of any ERS employee at 50 years. The next closest is Missy Knight, an LPN at Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, KY.  

Pictured are some more of Episcopal Retirement Service's most senior employees, including: 

  • Brenda_McEntyre_1600wJudi Dean: Director of Nursing, Marjorie P. Lee, 30 years of service
  • Chuck Reed: Environmental Services, Lead at Episcopal Church Home, 34 years of service
  • Brenda McEntyre: Nurse Leader ILU/ALU at Marjorie P. Lee, 30 years of service
  • Mary M. Johnson: Housekeeper at Marjorie P. Lee, 27 years of service

We wouldn't be where we are today without these and other wonderful team members. And like we said—when you love what you do, it shows! 

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