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These Seasonal Superfoods Keep You Energetic All Winter Long

Choosing fresh, seasonal, abundant and readily available foods is a smart way to add variety to your diet and flair to your lifestyle. In the winter, however, it can be more difficult to pick good foods that are good for you.

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3 Winter Meal Ideas Packed with Nutrients Seniors Need

Winter can be a difficult time for older adults to get the right nutrition. Cold weather and icy driving conditions can often keep seniors from getting to the store with regularity. Many older people begin to rely increasingly on pre-packaged, preserved and processed foods for their meals as the season progresses.

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There's Power in Protein: Finding the Diet to Keep You Living Well

Are you getting enough protein? Plenty of seniors aren’t.

NIH studies have indicated that malnutrition— especially protein deficiency— is under-diagnosed in older adults, and that can bode poorly for seniors who are admitted to the hospital. Chronic undernourishment means a longer road to recovery or even poor health outcomes for acute injuries or serious diseases.

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Probiotics Are Great for Your Gut- and Your Blood Pressure?

You’ve probably already heard about probiotics—the "good" bacteria found in a healthy body, especially in the gastrointestinal tract that symbiotically help the body to function its daily function. The diverse little biological machines are essential to good digestive health and new evidence indicates that probiotics may be even more important than previously suspected.

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