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Air Travel Tips for Active Seniors

Traveling should be one of the perks of growing older and living well. Whether flying to see the grandkids or looking for some beach time, seniors, even if you stay active, can face a few age-related problems. Consider ways to make the trip smoother when you are flying the friendly skies.

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Worried About Internet Security? These Safety Habits Protect Seniors.

Seniors are going digital more today than ever before. According to a report released just last summer by the Pew Research Center, about half of all American seniors regularly use the Internet.

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Cincinnati Seniors Instrumental in Statewide Safety Initiative

ERH and Cincinnati retirement community residents have been leading a ush for Ohio to participate in the Yellow Dot Program, a senior safety initiative that focuses on calling first responders’ attention to senior citizens’ unique medical needs in the event of an accident. The Yellow Dot Program has already been implemented with great success in Connecticut, New York and Alabama where it has been credited with reducing negative outcomes and saving the lives of older drivers involved in serious motor vehicle accidents.

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