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Deupree House's Cures for Cabin Fever

Spring is upon us! And while there may still be a nip in the air, Deupree House is ready to get out and about. The best part? Cincinnati is home to an abundance of fun and senior-friendly things to do. Here’s a closer look at a few activities our community members have or will be doing throughout March, along with how events like these are an essential part of Deupree House’s commitment to healthy aging.

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The 4 Best Tips for Healthy Aging

If you think about it, positive aging and healthy aging are sort of the same thing. There are several kinds of wellness — seniors have not only their physical health to care for, but also their mental, social, financial and spiritual health.

If wellness in one or several of those areas is lacking, a person suffers. And suffering is ultimately what causes a person to lose his or her positive outlook on life.

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What's Happening at Deupree House in January?

Happy New Year, Cincinnati seniors! My, oh my, where did 2017 go?

2018 is off to a great start here at Deupree House, with plenty of outings, activities and entertainments in store for our residents. Here's everything that's going on in January at our cozy, welcoming retirement community in Hyde Park:

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