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How Active Cincinnati Seniors Can Beat The Heat This Summer

How do you plan to beat the heat during the dog days of summer? Even if temperatures aren’t high on average, Cincinnati has been known to have sweltering days. Particularly given the recent round of heat waves, you need to protect yourself from potentially dangerous conditions.

Follow these suggestions to stay safe and cool during even the hottest days in Cincinnati, all while enjoying everything our fair city has to offer:

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The 5 Absolute Best Ways for Seniors to Preserve Family Memories

The internet and social media revolution has presented seniors, family archivists and genealogists with quite a challenge: How do you tackle the monumental process of preserving family memories in the digital age?

These days, many people don't create photo albums and scrapbooks. They don't produce handwritten documents. Pictures and writings live in the electronic ether now: in phones and laptops, in an ever-evolving series of cloud-based apps and other digital media.

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3 Summer Staycation & Weekend Getaways for Cincinnati Seniors

A senior living in Cincinnati knows that winter is a great time to roll out of town to a warm, sunny vacation destination. A lot of folks head to Florida, the Gulf Coast, or the Southwest when the weather turns chilly.

And it costs a lot of money to do so: airline flights, or gasoline and tolls for folks who drive, camper and RV permits, food on the road and more. A winter vacation can burn a hole into a senior's budget tout suite, so it can behoove one to save a bit on travel expenses during the fair weather months.

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Seniors: Here’s How to Finally Write That Memoir

"I should write that story down sometime."

"One day, I'll get around to it and write that memoir."

We've all said such things to ourselves — we'd wager virtually every senior living in Cincinnati has. But how many of us have actually followed through?

We might think we need memoir writing tips. Or we might think we have more time than we do to get it done.

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3 Brain-Healthy Superfoods That Seniors Should Know About

Many claims circulate on the internet and on social media platforms about so-called "superfoods" that people can eat to extend their vitality, improve their memory and avoid chronic diseases.

Frankly, many of them are just that: claims. Often, they're unsubstantiated or, worse, sensationalized by unethical clickbait content producers.

And that can be dangerous to seniors, because some might forego qualified medical advice or treatment to try out the "miracle cures" they're often promised online.

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4 Can’t-Miss Events for Cincinnati Seniors This Spring

Warmer weather is here, Cincinnati seniors! Time to shake off the winter blahs, get your spring cleaning done and get ready to enjoy the season out and about. There are a number of events coming up that you'll want to know about.

Today, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite picks with you, so you can plan your social calendar and make plans to spend time with the grandkids (they're almost done with school for the year!).

Here are four can't-miss events you'll want to check out in Cincinnati this spring.

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7 Safe Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors in 2017

Holiday travel rarely goes exactly as expected. In December, here in the Midwest, it can be sunny and mild — almost balmy — for a few days. Then, a drastic switch, when a polar front suddenly moves in from the north and brings rain, snow or worse, ice.

That can wreak havoc for seniors who are on the road or traveling by air over the holiday to see family and friends. Highways back up and come to a complete stop. Flights are delayed or cancelled by the dozens. Even the most carefully planned itineraries can be thrown off.

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3 Ways for Cincinnati Seniors to Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer

It’s August in the Tristate and the heat is setting in. We’re officially in the dog days of an Ohio Valley summer.

But high temperatures and humidity shouldn’t drive a senior living in Cincinnati to hide indoors next to the air conditioner vent. There are plenty of way you can get out of the house, enjoy your retirement and stay cool!

Today, let’s review three family-friendly events that Cincinnati seniors can attend with their grandkids and turn the dog days into fun days.

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