How 4 More Deupree House Residents Live Purposefully

How 4 More Deupree House Residents Live Purposefully

How 4 More Deupree House Residents Live Purposefully

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DH-pat-d-painting-1400x900Pictured: Deupree House resident Pat Donaldson painting in her apartment.

Living purposefully is one of the foundations of life at Deupree House. We strive to create an independent living environment that enhances our residents' outlooks and gives them the opportunity to pursue their passions. 

That’s exactly what some of the residents at Deupree House are doing – living a life of purpose through numerous programs and supportive services.

Previously, we introduced you to three residents who live purposefully in our community. Now, let’s introduce you to four more.  

Virginia Cox

Resident Virginia Cox gives back to her community  by serving as a Deupree House Alternate Representative Board Member. She also volunteered at DH's sister community, Marjorie P. Lee, for five years.

"I'm on the Marjorie P. Lee Auxiliary Board," she explains. "Through that experience, I learned about the many dedicated volunteers who commit to the mission of ERS. If I can be part of the ERS mission to make lives better, I want to do so.

Virginia volunteered at Marjorie P. Lee during times when other volunteers typically weren't available — such as in the evenings or during meals — and would escort residents to concerts and other events. "It was a win-win because I was able to help the residents while also hearing lots of wonderful music and speakers. I also really got to know the residents and the staff," she says. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia stayed engaged by playing the piano, doing jigsaw puzzles, and having long conversations over the phone with family and friends.

Virginia notes just how many valuable relationships and social interactions the Deupree House community has given her — during the pandemic and beyond. For example, she recently attended an event made up of Deupree House residents who had written books, ranging from serious publications to memoirs. Residents were then invited to talk with their neighbors about each other's writing and their own lives.

Barbara Talbot

DH-Talbot_BarbaraBefore she retired, Talbot was the Deputy Director of Income Development and Area Executive Director of American Cancer Society (ACS) Florida. She helped establish an annual tennis tournament in Calcutta (funded on donations alone), which raised $2.5 million over ten years for the ACS. She was also chosen as one of Greater Miami’s outstanding young women. Her areas of expertise include recruiting, training, and motivating volunteers.

Now, Barbara continues to stay engaged and involved in her community after retirement. She recently  served as President of the Deupree House Resident Counsel and a Residential Representative for the ERS board. According to Barbara, being involved in Deupree House leadership has helped spur new engagement opportunities and ways she can serve her community. 

When she’s not busy with the board, Barbara enjoys working on The New York Times Sunday crossword and reading. She also spends a lot of time at the Deupree House fitness center and pool. She says that physical wellness is an integral part of positive aging. 

Nancy Schpatz

DH-Nancy-Schpatz_6382Nancy Schpatz has led an active lifestyle, spending much of her life moving from one area of the country to another. Through her experiences, Nancy says she's learned a great deal about being a positive person through it all – including the pandemic. She loves to walk and does so often — in fact, she walks three miles a day! Like Barbara, exercise is a big part of Nancy’s life. 

Nancy is also the trustee of a trust fund that she manages and loves reading and teaching. She has a keyboard in her apartment she uses to keep herself busy and engaged.

Pat Donaldson


One of the ways members of Deupree House embody purposeful living is through the wide range of ways they can pursue their hobbies and interests while living in our community — something Pat Donaldson has done in various ways.

Pat’s passion for art has helped her continue to keep her mind sharp and creativity flowing. In fact, many residents will find her work on the walls of their apartments within the community. ERS often uses her work on notecards and holiday cares sent to supporters of the community. Pat also helped lead the recent aesthetic facelift completed within the Deupree House community. 

Like others on this list, Pat is involved with Deupree House leadership. She serves on the Deupree House Auxiliary Board and is also on the planning committee for ERS’s Annual Fund Gala.

Finding Your Passion in Your Next Home

Independent living is about pursuing a future that you decide and create. At Deupree House, our goal is to help each resident find their own way to embody purposeful living. For some, that’s exploring their long-established passions and interests. For others, the goal is to find new activities and ways to engage in the world around them.

Learn how a purposeful, person-centered independent living community can help you live well into the future. Please contact us or schedule an in-person or virtual tour


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