Downsizing Doesn't Have to Mean Downgrading for Cincinnati Seniors

Downsizing Doesn't Have to Mean Downgrading for Cincinnati Seniors

Downsizing Doesn't Have to Mean Downgrading for Cincinnati Seniors

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deupree house resident at his pianoSome Cincinnati seniors are worried that the lifestyle they have become accustomed to will be threatened if they give up their large homes for a smaller apartment in a retirement community. But did you know that that downsizing your space after retirement may actually mean upgrading your lifestyle? Apartment living is not only great for entertaining, and it offers freedom from the responsibilities of home ownership which can help upgrade your lifestyle.

You can enjoy elegant apartment living In Hyde Park, Cincinnati.

Seniors love to entertain and enjoy an active community life style just as much as their younger adult counterparts, but may not be as fond of the endless responsibilities and expenses associated with maintaining a large home after they retire.

The good news is that trading in the big house for an apartment may mean trading up!

Imagine planning to have friends over on a Friday night. What's usually involved in the getting ready process for you? With apartment living there's no grass to cut or expansive areas to clean before guests arrive. In a beautifully renovated apartment with well-manicured landscaping, guests will feel as much at home in your apartment as they did in your old house.

Without the everyday chore of yard work, you have more time to enjoy a day out hiking or spending time in the lovely expansive gardens of your apartment community. And unexpected surprises like a gutter falling off the house or a broken plumbing line can spell a big hassle for home owners. Caring for the exterior of a home plus landscaping really adds up over time. As we get older, we want to make the best use of our time.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could avoid those unexpected home owner maintenance issues by choosing a d a living situation that was maintained year round?

Downsizing can mean less stress, less hassle, and a safety net.

Another concern in maintaining a large home is an increased risk of falling or simply developing a fear of falling. In fact, falls are the number one injury-related issue among seniors and a serious risk factor to consider in your living environment.

One in three seniors over age 65 will fall each year, but never report it to their doctors. And once a fall occurs, many seniors begin to fear falling again and will automatically limit their activity in anticipation of that potential fall. This means everything from your monthly wine and cheese night to household chores can fall by the wayside.

The comforts and amenities of apartment living (like getting the chance to use an elevator instead of climbing the stairs) can help reduce your risk of falling. So, why worry about falling when you could be comfortable, free from these risks?

Take Part in the Greater Cincinnati Community.

For some Cincinnati seniors, apartment living is a great "excuse" for getting away from traditional entertaining and big parties to get out and enjoy the Hyde Park community with friends. The Hyde Park neighborhood offers a generous amount of restaurants, arts and events that make nights and days out completely outweigh the idea of caring for a big home!

For those nights and days you do wish to entertain at home, you could make use of the amenities typically offered by apartment communities—either for yourself or your gathering. At the best communities, you can even find five-star perks like spa services, health clubs, private dining, and gorgeously landscaped grounds that are perfect for that Sunday morning stroll.

Giving up the big home doesn't mean giving up the lifestyle you love most. You can make the most and more of senior life by exploring your options for senior apartment living now.


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