4 Signs You're Ready for Retirement Living

4 Signs You're Ready for Retirement Living

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As you navigate retirement, your plans may need to evolve alongside your changing circumstances. Tasks or situations that were previously only minor annoyances can often start to become challenging as you get older. Regular home maintenance, for example, can quickly become a chore or even prove to be hazardous. Furthermore, living in a single family home can leave you feeling isolated and without the social outlets you need to truly enjoy your golden years. Joining an active retirement community, however, can prove to be just what you needed to enjoy a more carefree retirement.

Are you ready to make the switch to a premier senior living community? The following signs are good indicators that it may be time to right-size your living.

1. The Maintenance Demands of a House Are Weighing Heavily

As your home ages, indoor and outdoor maintenance requirements tend to increase exponentially. If anything along the way is overlooked or neglected, the missed maintenance tasks could turn into the need for serious repairs. Performing cleanup or maintenance tasks around the house often requires hard work that can leave you aching for days. Worsening physical ailments or limitations could even prevent you from completing less demanding tasks, such as shoveling the driveway, trimming the shrubs or changing lightbulbs. When you live in a retirement community, however, you never need to worry about performing maintenance or repair jobs on your own.

2. You’re Facing Transportation Woes

Driving yourself to and from appointments and social engagements can take its toll in your golden years. Older adults often suffer from vision difficulties, strength decreases and reaction time declines that can make it difficult to perform driving tasks safely. Driving through dense traffic and finding parking also tends to drive stress levels into the stratosphere. Luckily, you can gracefully move away from driving yourself places by utilizing transportation services offered by an all-inclusive retirement community. Your driver will bring you to medical appointments and social engagements free of charge and without any unnecessary stress.

3. Living Alone Is Beginning to Make You Feel Isolated

You may find yourself home alone more often than not when you get older. Health problems and transportation difficulties often make visits with friends and family increasingly hard to arrange. When you’re stuck home alone for days on end, you’re quickly left feeling depressed, anxious and lonely. Eventually, this social isolation can have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem and confidence in social situations. You can restore your social life by moving into an enriching retirement living community. You will always be within a few steps of your newfound friends while living in an inviting, bustling community environment.

4. Your Social Life Has Stagnated

Unfortunately, for many seniors, your social life can naturally fall to the wayside as you navigate the trials of aging gracefully. Your lack of social ties can leave you without an outlet when life takes a difficult turn. A strong social life can keep sadness and loneliness from clouding your thoughts more often than not. Furthermore, active social ties can prove to protect you from early memory loss, as researchers have discovered during a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health. By making the switch to a retirement community, you can reignite your social life through daily participation in group activities. You will also have the ability to make and maintain new friendships with your fellow community members.

If you are ready to make the switch to a retirement living community, don’t be afraid to start checking out different communities as soon as possible. Once you find the right community, you can immediately start reaping the benefits of a more carefree life throughout your retirement years. A retirement community can help transform your golden years into the best of your life. With decreased stress and more opportunities, you will have nothing but time to enjoy your newfound freedom in your outstanding community environment.

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Bryan Reynolds
February 06, 2016
Bryan Reynolds is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS). Bryan is responsible for developing and implementing ERS' digital marketing strategy, and overseeing the website, social media outlets, audio and video content and online advertising. After originally attending The Ohio State University, he graduated from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a Bachelor of fine arts focused on electronic media. Bryan loves to share his passion for technology by assisting older adults with their computer and mobile devices. He has taught several classes within ERS communities as well as at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute run by the University of Cincinnati. He also participates on the Technology Team at ERS to help provide direction. Bryan and his wife Krista currently reside in Lebanon, Ohio with their 5 children.

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