A Unique Philosophy and Experienced Staff Set ERH Senior Care Apart

A Unique Philosophy and Experienced Staff Set ERH Senior Care Apart

A Unique Philosophy and Experienced Staff Set ERH Senior Care Apart

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ERH shows how not-for-profit can make a difference in senior careWhen assisted living first started to become popular in the early 2000s, articles and news reports seemed to pop up every day about the failure of these senior living communities to meet the needs of their residents.

The root of the problem lay in concept and execution.

Many assisted living homes in the United States opened with thoughts of easy money gained from serving a rapidly aging generation of boomers. They weren’t prepared to deal with the reality of older adults who needed the support of skilled professionals to maintain quality of life. These kind of retirement homes, designed around a financial model rather than a description of service, had cut their costs through staffing. They just didn’t hire trained professionals.

Because ERH is a non-profit organization, these problems have never plagued our communities.

Not-for-profit is what makes the difference.

The leadership at Episcopal Retirement Homes is a team of individuals who know the ins-and-outs of both senior living and financial management.

They’ve made sure that we’re serving older adults at the highest level and that we’re financially sound— investing our income right back into the organization to provide Resident Financial Aid, Spiritual Services, and many other services and amenities for our residents.

As a not-for-profit organization, our goal is to ensure quality in the senior living experience of our residents and clients, not to make money. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the older adults we serve have the most skilled care and live enriched lives because of our service.

We focus on senior care, not profits.

That’s why Person-Centered Care (PCC) is the common thread running throughout all ERH communities and programs. Driven by a desire to exceed the normal standards of senior care, PCC enables our staff to interact with people on a higher level of empathy and understanding.

The PCC philosophy permeates all ERH communities and programs. Whether a resident or a client of services, all people ERH serves are treated as the unique individuals they have always been with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Because we strive to provide service above and beyond what can be found at other communities and in other organizations, we hire staff members who are both empathetic and the most skilled individuals within their field—from custodians to caregivers to executives.

And that makes a difference.

Benefit from our experience.

“The staff and management of ERH are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I’ve ever worked with. It’s energizing to be part of such a dynamic organization!”
- Debbie Engelbrecht, Grant Writer, Episcopal Retirement Homes

The skilled staff and leadership at Episcopal Retirement Homes have a heart for service, so they’re always willing to share their senior living expertise. In fact, they’re so eager to share, we’ve created a Speakers Bureau to provide free educational opportunities for the Greater Cincinnati community.

Our team of retirement living, healthcare, and long-term care professionals speaks to audiences on a wide variety of topics.

The following is a sampling of some of the many topics we offer:

  • Helping loved ones adjust to a senior living community or nursing home
  • Preventing falls and other accidents
  • Understanding the normal changes and challenges that come with aging
  • Elder etiquette: tips for working with older clients
  • Health and wellness in all aspects of senior living
  • Health tips for seniors that includes exercise and fitness programs for older adults
  • Choosing a retirement community and the financial considerations for the future
  • The Person-Centered Care approach

The Speakers Bureau offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about senior care and how to ensure that the lives of older adults are filled with purpose, choice and freedom.

If you would like to have one of our highly experienced professionals speak at your next meeting or conference, we are more than happy to oblige! There is absolutely no charge for this service, and we can tailor presentations to your group’s specific needs.

You can visit our webpage to find out more about our services or to complete a Speaker Request Form.

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