There Is So Much to Do, So Many Choices at Deupree House

There Is So Much to Do, So Many Choices at Deupree House

There Is So Much to Do, So Many Choices at Deupree House

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What if there was a place where you could spend time with good friends, pursue your hobbies and interests, and give back to the community, rather than being bogged down with home maintenance and chores?  Many older adults would say, “Count me in!” or “Where can I sign up?”  Deupree House, a premier retirement community in Hyde Park is such a place for Tom and Earlene Retford.  Married for nearly 40 years, the couple moved to Deupree House from their long-time home in Madeira only to find what life can offer when you are free to choose how you spend your days.

A Fresh Start

Before settling into Deupree House, Tom and Earlene struggled with the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining their home in Madeira. “There is so much work in a large home,” Earlene recalls. “Between cleaning, cooking meals, yard work, and the endless list of maintenance tasks, we barely had time to enjoy ourselves.”

The Retfords had always been active in their local community, but as planners, they decided that downsizing to a condo or apartment was not for them.  “Looking at our age and the amount of work in our house, there was too much upkeep.  Rather than moving into an apartment somewhere and potentially having to move again if we need more services, why not move to a community that has other amenities?” commented Earlene.  “At Deupree House, we have lots of options.”   The Retfords preferred to find a community where they could settle in and enjoy living without the constraints and time dedicated to home maintenance.

Discovering Deupree House

The couple began exploring retirement communities and were immediately drawn to Deupree House, part of the Episcopal Retirement Services. “The first time we visited Deupree House, we were struck by the welcoming atmosphere and the incredible range of activities,” Earlene recalls. “It felt like a place where we could truly thrive.”

Once they made the move, the Retfords quickly realized they had made the right decision. “I don't know how they do it here at Deupree,” Earlene laughs. “The life enrichment calendar is chock-full of interesting events and activities. It’s almost overwhelming – in the best way possible! There is something to do for everyone,” shares Earlene.

A Social Calendar That Never Sleeps

At Deupree House, Tom and Earlene have found themselves busier than ever, but it was all about enjoyment and fulfillment this time. “Is it possible that we are even busier here at Deupree House than when we lived in Madeira?” Tom muses. “It’s good that we no longer worry about meals, cleaning, home maintenance, or yard work. We need all that time to decide what fun and interesting things we want to do this week and with whom.”

The couple’s days are now filled with various activities and social events, many of which they never had the time or opportunity to enjoy. “We’ve met so many wonderful people here,” Earlene says. “We have made more friends in the first year of living at Deupree than we did in the ten years prior.”

The Retfords certainly keep busy.  Whether joining friends for duplicate bridge, attending a presentation by the Museum Center, or indulging in a chocolate tasting, there’s always something exciting happening. 

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“We even had to design a communication method in the kitchen to share with each other where we are,” explains Earlene. “For example, a note might read ‘at the neighbors for book club’, or ‘helping John with his new computer update’ since we are frequently on the move.  The couple also shares that they can also take a day to do nothing.  “Sometimes we just decide to stay in and read or watch a TV movie.  It is our choice,” shared Tom.

One event they try not to miss is the cocktail party, where residents gather to enjoy drinks, appetizers, and lively conversation. “It’s a fantastic way to catch up with friends and meet new people,” Tom says. “We look forward to it every month.”

Making A Difference

While they relish the social aspects of life at Deupree House, Tom and Earlene also find fulfillment in giving back to their community. “Tom has always been handy, so he enjoys taking on light maintenance projects for fellow residents,” Earlene says proudly. “It’s a great way for him to stay active and help others at the same time.”

Tom adds, “It’s rewarding to know I can still use my skills. Whether it’s fixing a TV remote or hanging a picture, I’m happy to lend a hand.” 

Tom is not alone.  He explained that Deupree House has a variety of committees that help the community.  Earlene serves on the resident orientation committee.  Although the great staff at Deupree House help quite a bit with helping new residents settle into their new homes, it is nice to have a resident buddy as well.  “I tour new residents, answer questions they have, and introduce them to other residents,” shares Earlene.  Other communities include the gardening, dining, and wellness committees, to name a few.

Endless Opportunities

The Retfords agree that one of the most remarkable aspects of life at Deupree House is the sheer variety of activities and events available to residents. “My only wish is that Deupree could add time to my week,” Earlene says with a smile. “There is so much to do, so many choices!”

Tom and Earlene have some sage advice for those considering a move to a senior living community. “Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed by the responsibilities of homeownership or have healthcare needs,” Earlene, a retired nurse, says. “Take the time to explore your options and find a community that offers the right balance of social engagement, support, and independence.”

Tom adds, “Deupree House has been a game-changer for us. We’re living life to the fullest and couldn’t be happier.”

Join the Deupree House Community

At Deupree House, we believe retirement is a time to thrive, not just survive. With a wide range of activities, events, and opportunities for personal growth, our community is designed to help residents enjoy their lives.  If you’re ready to experience the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that Tom and Earlene have discovered at Deupree House, we invite you to explore all that our community has to offer. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring that your transition is smooth and stress-free.

To learn more about Deupree House and schedule a tour, visit our website at or give us a call at (513) 561-4200. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!


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