Exploring the Importance of Quality Care With MPL's Administrator of Health Services, Stephanie Antoun

Exploring the Importance of Quality Care With MPL's Administrator of Health Services, Stephanie Antoun

Exploring the Importance of Quality Care With MPL's Administrator of Health Services, Stephanie Antoun

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Since 1963, Marjorie P. Lee has been a place of love and compassion where families in Cincinnati, OH, feel known and well cared for. Our long history of quality care and our person-centered care philosophy has allowed us to help generations of older adults have more positive health outcomes and brighter outlooks. 

Still, many have questions about how we’ve achieved this legacy and how it benefits our residents. Here, our Administrator of Health Services, Stephanie Antoun, answers several of these questions.

Q: Can you briefly describe your role at MPL?

STEPHANIE: I serve at Marjorie P. Lee overseeing operations of the health services team. I help contribute to the many great outcomes we have here, including the high quality of relationships we have with those we serve. 


Q: How would you define “quality care”?

STEPHANIE: Quality, to me, looks like staff who enjoy their responsibilities and execute them well. When we take care of our staff, they are able to take care of our residents. When our team can come together and enjoy what they do, they are providing a level of quality and energy that is contagious.


Stephanie Antoun with Marjorie P. Lee resident Joann Sammis demonstrating the My Margie tablet.

Q: How important is the staff in Marjorie P. Lee’s mission to deliver high-quality, person-centered care? 

STEPHANIE: Our staff are the mission. Directly and indirectly, we all create and display our culture everyday and at each opportunity. We invest in each other and ourselves to drive our mission of enriching older adults in an innovative, person-centered, and spiritually based way. 


Q: How does Marjorie P. Lee invest in their staff to create a culture of quality?

STEPHANIE: There are many ways Marjorie P. Lee — and Episcopal Retirement Services, overall — creates a culture of quality. For example, our organization values visibility, relationships, and continuing education. We also focus on engagement over recruitment. Together, these traits create a community of team members who truly respect and care for one another and who are invested in our residents’ wellbeing.   


Q: What are other strategies, besides staffing, that Marjorie P. Lee uses to maintain a legacy of quality senior care?

STEPHANIE: The culture at Marjorie P. Lee is incredible. We are anchored by six Core Values: relationships, integrity, engagement, inclusion, person-centeredness, and progressive thinking. These values reinforce our culture and help us advance our mission.


Q: What advice would you give to families who are exploring their senior living options? What features or characteristics should they look for in a community to ensure their loved one receives a high quality of care? 

STEPHANIE: Often people lose themselves in benchmarking, staffing, physical plant, and finances. If I could offer families one piece of advice, it would be to form a relationship with those who serve your loved one. Work collaboratively with us and trust us as your partner. With this union in place, your journey with an aging loved one will be more fulfilled. 


Q: What do you like most about being the Administrator of Health Services at MPL? 

STEPHANIE: Being able to give back to those I serve. To me, giving back means recognizing the wonderful staff who care about our mission, having meaningful relationships with the residents, heaving the wonderful stories within these walls, and feeling the heartfelt gratitude of families. Talk about a career that loves you back! 


Do you have additional questions about the quality of care at Marjorie P. Lee? Call us or fill out an information request form to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!


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