5 New Things for Cincinnati Seniors to Try in 2015

5 New Things for Cincinnati Seniors to Try in 2015

5 New Things for Cincinnati Seniors to Try in 2015

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seniors-travelingWho said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? With a new year upon us, it might be time to make a few New Year's resolutions. For 2015, instead of the usual, boring resolutions that many people make and then immediately break—lose weight, work out more, save money, spend more time with friends and family, be nicer to others— we recommend that you make this year the year to try new things.

"New things" and "seniors" don't often get lumped in to the same sentence. But there's no reason why they shouldn't be. Retirement is the first time many of you have had since adolescence to really get out and explore. With that in mind, here are five new things you could do in Cincinnati in 2015, to keep your excitement level up and keep living well.

1.) Pick a week and eat only at brand new restaurants.

Every year, older restaurants close and new eateries open up. So why aren't you trying them? Pick one week out of the year— maybe your birthday or anniversary week— and eat out every single evening. But when you do, eat only at brand new restaurants (those open 12 months or less) or at restaurants you have never been to, but always wanted to try.

2.) Try a new experience.

Maybe you've always wanted to go skydiving? Maybe you've wanted to take flying lessons? Or maybe you've wanted to do something nearer the ground, like hike on part of the Appalachian Trail? Regardless of what it is, maybe 2015 is the year in which you can finally realize that dream of yours?

And it doesn't have to be so daring, either. You could do something as simple as go to a Minor League baseball game with your granddaughter. Or visit a park you've never seen before. Let your imagination run and get out there.

3.) Learn a new language.

Why not? You have the time. Maybe you have always wanted to vacation in Quebec, or France, but you've been too intimidated because you don't speak French and you've heard that English-speakers aren't as welcome. Maybe you want to pick up some Italian, because your grandmother came over on the boat and you always wanted to speak like she could. Or maybe you just want to be able to read the menu at a Chinese restaurant?

Learning a language is good both for your memory— it forces you to exercise your brain, which can lead to more vital years— and for your sense of fun.

4.) See something in Cincinnati that you've never seen before.

Many of us live in a town our whole life and never do any of the touristy things that we take for granted. Maybe you've never gone to the observation deck on the Carew Tower, or visited the Cincinnati Zoo's Festival of Lights?

Maybe it's something as simple as going for a dinner cruise on a riverboat, going to see the Cincinnati Ballet, or engaging in a local tradition, like praying the steps of the Immaculata Church on Good Friday? There's plenty to see and do right here in the Queen City to keep you occupied.

But if you really feel like you've seen and done everything here already, there are plenty of other cities within a 90 minute drive— Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville— in which we guarantee you haven't. Give one of them a try.

5.) Listen to a new music style.

Cincinnati's Fountain Square offers you the perfect opportunity to do this. On summer nights, downtown hosts the PNC Summer Music Series on the square. There are nights dedicated to Latin and salsa music, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, indie rock and many others.

There are different bands every week and plenty of things to do around the area if the music on a given night ends up not quite striking your fancy. Or, you could go all in and attend one of the many music festivals Cincinnati hosts throughout the year, like the Cincy Blues Fest, the Cincinnati Music Festival (formerly called the "Jazz Festival"), Bunbury, or MidPoint.

Whatever you do in 2015, make it fresh and new.

There's no reason to keep doing the same things, the same way, over and over. Living well in retirement isn't about boredom and a sedentary lifestyle; it's about enjoying your time. This New Year, resolve to get out and try something you've never done, see something you've never seen, hear something you've never heard or learn something new. 

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