An Easy Guide to Evaluating Your Senior Living Needs

An Easy Guide to Evaluating Your Senior Living Needs

An Easy Guide to Evaluating Your Senior Living Needs

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planning for your future senior living starts nowAt Episcopal Retirement Homes, we know that when you’re thinking about your senior living, you want to make the right choice the first time around. In order to find a place where you can live well into the future, there are a few things to think about to make sure your needs are met as you age.

Level of Care

While we can seldom predict exactly what will happen to us as we grow older, it is still possible to anticipate what levels of care we may need at certain ages.

If you or your spouse has a chronic condition that can be expected to progress with age, you should consider what levels of care will be necessary to maintain the quality of life that will keep you living well.

Talk with your physician or a geriatric care manager about the future of your health and potential care needs.

Location and accessibility

Even if you are able to live with complete independence at this point in your life, circumstances may change in the future. It pays to think ahead about how convenient the location and the accessibility of your home will be. 

If you need to receive medical care such as daily physical therapy or to do something as routine as going shopping, think about how you will be able to meet these needs. How will you get around when you are no longer able to drive? 

Consider how your home will need to be modified if you lose mobility. Could it be modified? Do you have more than one level or a number of stairs and inclines to navigate?

Ask yourself if you will be able to maintain your property. Will you be able to meet the physical or financial needs necessary to perform extensive landscaping?

Social Support

Meaningful social interaction is proven to enrich senior living, but it may become more difficult for you to leave your home as you age. This puts you in danger of certain health concerns, like depression and fatigue, that stem from isolation.  How easy will it be for you to maintain relationships with friends and neighbors or to participate in activities that you enjoy in the future?

Caregiving Support

If you’re one of the 9 out of 10 older adults who want to age in place, you will need to consider housing where both your current and future senior living needs can be met. 

Traditionally, family has provided the backbone of caregiving support for older adults.  These days, family may not so readily available, and even if they can commit to providing care, family might not be able to meet extreme physical and medical needs that may arise.

See if affordable in-home care is available to you in your current location.


Making a budget with projected expenses can help you decide on the right senior living choice for your situation. Assisted living can be expensive, but the cost of in-home services can accumulate or rise sharply after a life-changing event.  The cost of 24-hour care or live-in services for an extended period can be extremely high.

Go over your finances and consider all the ways in which you would be able to pay for care and decide whether aging in your current home or in a senior living community will be more feasible for you.

Episcopal Retirement Homes Helps Meet All Your Care Needs

If community living is right for you, consider making yourself at home in one of our communities in the Greater Cincinnati area.  We provide both premier and affordable senior living options.

For those of you planning to age at home, Episcopal Retirement Homes’ Living Well Senior Solutions program is able to assist you in planning for and receiving the care you need.  We can provide as much or as little management as you may need both now and in the future, and our services span all levels of care needs from medication planning and administration to assisting and interpreting doctors visits.

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