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The Older Adult’s Guide to Retirement Tech

Older Americans are becoming increasingly savvy at using digital communications and technology in their day-to-day lives— from maintaining family contacts, to forming new relationships, managing medications and planning for retirement and future care. Take a look at some novel ways seniors like you are finding ways to make technology work for them.

It’s not a hearing aid… it’s my Bluetooth!

Older adults with minor hearing loss can be quite sensitive to the suggestion that a hearing aid might help them to communicate better. Some perceive it as a stigma; others just don’t want to accept the notion that they are getting older and their needs are changing. But some seniors are quietly turning to new technology to surreptitiously address those needs, while preserving their self-image.

The good folks at Sound World Solutions have produced a hearing assistance device, the CS50, that looks like (and, in fact, doubles as) a wireless Bluetooth phone headset. For people who can hear sounds, but have trouble distinguishing words from background noise, the device is a clandestine way to improve hearing, while giving off the appearance of being super tech savvy.

The CS50 works with Android or Apple smartphones, is customizable and can even stream music. So, if you’re having a little more trouble talking over dinner in restaurants these days, pop in your CS50 and chat away. People will just think you’re waiting to take an important business call.

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The Simplest Senior Care Devices May Be the Best

Technology is supposed to make difficult jobs easier. Smart phones makes it easier to share personal experiences through pictures and videos, for example, and keeping a checking account balanced has never been easier since the invention of online banking. State-of-the-art toys featuring all the bells and whistles will always attract the attention of young people but simple devices have always found the best traction among seniors.

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Affordable Senior Living Is as Close as Your Own Home


\Moving into a senior living community—with myriad social, educational, and wellness opportunities— can be one of the best choices you can make for health and happiness in your golden years.

However, more and more frequently, older adults are choosing to age at home. The option of continuing to live as an independent senior in familiar surroundings is certainly appealing, but aging at home successfully often require expensive senior services and technologies.

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3 Tips for Ecologically Responsible Senior Living


At Episcopal Retirement Homes, we’re always looking for new ways to stay on the cutting edge of senior living. For us, innovation means finding technologies and techniques that help us improve the health and wellness of our residents.

We recently posted about how our recent renovations at St. Paul Village in Madisonville have raised the bar for affordable senior living. One of the ways that we’re improving life at St. Paul is through better energy efficiency.

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5 Tools and Technologies that Improve Senior Life


As we age, the body stops snapping back as quickly as it did before, and we face greater risks for certain health concerns in senior life. Residents at ERH retirement communities don’t let that stop them, though. These older adults are some of the most dynamic people we know. They live more active and enriched lives than many younger adults.

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