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Senior Care 101: Levels of Care, Explained

Senior care isn’t a single type of care.

In fact, it represents an entire spectrum, from community-based or in-home services designed to help seniors age in place, to lifestyle-focused communities that provide older people an easier-going, worry-free retirement, to residential nursing and memory care for elderly people who can no longer safely provide for themselves.

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What Can You Do When Mom Can’t Afford Memory Care?

There’s a lot to celebrate when mom or dad reaches a milestone like 80, but even if they’ve reached such a ripe age in perfect health, that doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for caution. The latest statistics show that nearly half of all octogenarians in the United States will develop some form of dementia in their lifetime. And Alzheimer's and similar illnesses present major financial challenges for caregivers. Those afflicted with dementia reach a point when they cannot live independently and, eventually, they will require around-the-clock assistance. For caregivers with children at home or full time jobs, the ability to care for mom personally may be impossible. And the costs of professional memory care are expensive for most families. It is not unusual for mom and dad's nest egg to be completely exhausted in just a few short years. So what can one do if the costs of caring for mom are not in the budget?

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