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How to Make Your Business More Age-Friendly


There’s not just an ethical or moral case to be made for making communities more age-friendly — there’s a strong economic case for it, too.

The average person might guess that attracting young, upwardly mobile adults and families to an area would drive its economic growth. But, if you think about it in terms of available wealth, that’s an assumption based on a fundamental misunderstanding: young people typically don’t have wealth.

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Retirement Communities and the Paradigm of Living Well


At ERH, we believe in taking a holistic approach to living well.

Our wellness experts cultivate six dimensions of wellness that create a caring, integrative environment where residents find that life’s third act is the best one yet.

While we do believe that physical fitness is an important aspect of living well as we get older, it is by no means the only aspect of senior health. Emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and social health all contribute in their own way to mental wellness and general wellbeing.

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A-Listers and Average Americans Are Living Well after 65

15 years ago, a small independent production company created an educational television special called “Our Nation’s Health… Healthy Aging.” CWI Productions’ piece on living well as an older adult addressed a gap in educational programming in America.

In America, a nation where it seems as though every other health and beauty magazine at the supermarket checkout touts the secrets of living well and staying young, we don’t like to talk about getting older.

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The Senior Games Break Down Senior Fitness Stereotypes

3 years ago, older adults, that is adults over the age of 65, made up 13 percent of the American population—a percentage that represents a senior population that has been steadily increasing since 1900.  As a whole, Americans are living longer and, these days, even the youngest of the post-WWII Baby Boom generation are rapidly approaching retirement age.

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