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ERS Engages Body, Mind and Spirit with 360 Wellbeing


What options are there for dementia or Alzheimer's treatment in Cincinnati? There are many, for residents of Episcopal Retirement Services' Marjorie P. Lee (MPL) and Deupree House (DH) retirement communities.

The memory care staff at both senior living centers employ a variety of innovative learning- and activity-based therapies for residents with dementia.

From SAIDO Learning, music and art therapy, and iN2L computer-based memory therapy, to our newest 360 Wellbeing program, there's no shortage of memory care options for Tristate seniors and their loved ones.

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The Little Lies We Tell Aging Parents Who Are Suffering from Dementia

Many of us who deal with aging parents suffering from dementia have faced the difficulty of imparting to them bad news, or of trying to convince them to accept care that they need when they can no longer live independently. Sometimes, these conservations can become quite heated.

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Brain Health: A Major Concern in Senior Health Care

For all of the advances in senior health care that have allowed older Americans to live happier, healthier lives, we are still faced with a frightening preponderance of disorders— both common and uncommon—that have a dramatic effect on the brain. Alzheimer’s, while one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions, is just one of many such diseases that slowly eat away at the memories, capabilities, abilities, and quality of life.

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