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Introducing a New and Affordable ERS-Managed Community: The Manse Apartments

Members of the ERS team recently attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the new and exciting Manse Apartments for seniors. With affordable housing in short supply for older adults and given ERS's ongoing commitment to supporting the wellbeing of our community’s seniors, we couldn’t be more thrilled about this project or our part in it.

Here’s a closer look at the transformation of this historic Manse Hotel into affordable senior housing means for its future residents.

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Meet the ERS Board: Dora Anim, Gerron McKnight & Barbara Talbot

This year, Episcopal Retirement Services was pleased to welcome three new faces to its Board, bringing with them very different backgrounds and areas of expertise but one shared vision: to improve the lives of older adults.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce to you Dora Anim, Gerron L. McKnight, and Barbara Talbot, all serving their first term on the Board.


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It's Official: 2017 Was ERS's Best Year Yet

The 2017 annual report for Episcopal Retirement Services is out, and it’s official: 2017 was our best year yet.

We mean that not only financially, but also in many other areas that support our mission of person-centered, dignified care for seniors in our community.

“This rock-solid position will not be a place for us to rest on our laurels as an organization. We plan instead for it to be a launch pad for ERS to lead future innovation in aging-care services,” said ERS President & CEO Laura Lamb in the Spring Issue of Linkage.

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4 Reasons to Donate to the Good Samaritan Mission This Year


We’re approaching the end of the year — the time when many Americans start thinking about their upcoming tax bill and wondering where they might make an end-of-year charitable contribution.

If like many folks, you’re looking for a way that your year-end contribution could make a positive impact on the lives of others, you might consider making a donation to Episcopal Retirement Services’ Good Samaritan Mission Fund.

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ERS Announces Winners of the 2017 Trish Martindell Awards

ERS caregivers don’t expect gratitude. But it’s always nice when we find out, after the fact, just how much our words, actions, and kind gestures mean to our senior residents and their families.

And one of the ways we find out is through the annual Trish Martindell Award program, which allows residents and their family caregivers to recognize excellence in care.

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