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The Official Blog of Episcopal Retirement Services

ERS Engages Body, Mind and Spirit with 360 Wellbeing Memory Support Program


What options are there for dementia or Alzheimer's treatment in Cincinnati? There are many, for residents of Episcopal Retirement Services' Marjorie P. Lee (MPL) and Deupree House (DH) retirement communities.

The memory care staff at both senior living centers employ a variety of innovative learning- and activity-based therapies for residents with dementia.

From SAIDO Learning, music and art therapy, and iN2L computer-based memory therapy, to our newest 360 Wellbeing program, there's no shortage of memory care options for Tristate seniors and their loved ones.

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4 Compelling Reasons to Donate to the Good Samaritan Mission This Year


We’re approaching the end of the year — the time when many Americans start thinking about their upcoming tax bill and wondering where they might make an end-of-year charitable contribution.

If like many folks, you’re looking for a way that your year-end contribution could make a positive impact on the lives of others, you might consider making a donation to Episcopal Retirement Services’ Good Samaritan Mission Fund.

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Get to Know 3 Fascinating ERS Board Members, Part III


Here at Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS), we strongly believe in transparency. We believe that our residents, their family caregivers, and members of the community should know who is leading our organization.

When we last checked in with the ERS Board in August, we introduced you Tom Cooper, Albert Smitherman, and Tom Ottenjohn.

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3 Ways ERS Helps Seniors and Their Families Over the Holidays…and Year-Round


The holidays can be a hectic time for seniors and their family caregivers in Cincinnati, in Louisville or indeed anywhere.

Between working, shopping for Christmas gifts, running errands and planning family get-togethers or travel, family caregivers have a lot more on their plate than usual.

So, how can Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) help? What services do we offer Cincinnati seniors and their families, that can help them get through the holiday crunch and continue living well through the coming year?

Let’s talk about them.

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ERS Announces Winners of the 2017 Trish Martindell Awards

ERS caregivers don’t expect gratitude. But it’s always nice when we find out, after the fact, just how much our words, actions, and kind gestures mean to our senior residents and their families.

And one of the ways we find out is through the annual Trish Martindell Award program, which allows residents and their family caregivers to recognize excellence in care.

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How to Make Your Business More Age-Friendly


There’s not just an ethical or moral case to be made for making communities more age-friendly — there’s a strong economic case for it, too.

The average person might guess that attracting young, upwardly mobile adults and families to an area would drive its economic growth. But, if you think about it in terms of available wealth, that’s an assumption based on a fundamental misunderstanding: young people typically don’t have wealth.

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Senior Care 101: Levels of Care, Explained

Senior care isn’t a single type of care.

In fact, it represents an entire spectrum, from community-based or in-home services designed to help seniors age in place, to lifestyle-focused communities that provide older people an easier-going, worry-free retirement, to residential nursing and memory care for elderly people who can no longer safely provide for themselves.

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How to Prepare for a Career in Elder Care

What do you need to do to become qualified for a career in senior care?

What courses do you need to take? Do you need to be a licensed health care provider, or are there non-clinical roles that you could function in?

We get questions like this all the time.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Affordable Living for Seniors

Knowlton Place, located in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati

The Great Recession hit America’s late Baby Boomers and early Gen X-ers hard. Too hard. From multiple directions.

Real wages have been stagnant for the majority of both generations’ working years. A lot of the pension plans they paid into — government and employer-funded alike — are underfunded and can’t meet their obligations.

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Don’t Fall for These 3 Myths About Working in Elder Care 🚸

DD Farmer, 31, loves her job as Household Coordinator at Deupree Cottages

Have you considered a career in elder care? If you’re a conscientious, person-centered professional, you should. Unfortunately, many new grads and mid-career workers don’t.

That’s because there are a lot of myths about senior care. Today, we’d like to take some time to bust a few of those myths, and show you why a career in geriatrics and retirement care can be very rewarding.

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