How to Help Your Loved Ones Stay Active & Engaged as They Age

How to Help Your Loved Ones Stay Active & Engaged as They Age

How to Help Your Loved Ones Stay Active & Engaged as They Age

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As loved ones age, it’s vital that they stay active and engaged as much as possible. Not only can senior living activities help them stay healthy, but participating also helps them feel independent and in control of their life, to any extent possible. 

There are plenty of ways that seniors can stay active, whether they are in an independent living community, a private residence or anywhere else. Here are some of our best tips on helping your loved ones stay active.

7 Tips to Help Seniors Keep Their Bodies & Brains Active 

1. Take a Walk the Next Time You Visit

Even if you don’t see your loved ones as often as you’d like, if possible, go for a walk with them. Try going early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the summer heat, or find a shady, tree-lined route if possible.

Depending on your loved one’s level of mobility, they may be interested in Episcopal Retirement Services’ new “Wellness Wednesday” series, in which Wellness Director Chloe Hough demonstrates simple yet effective exercises that seniors can do at home. Click here to browse the current video catalog — and make sure you check back every Wednesday for updates! 

2. Help Them Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteering and giving back to a community or cause that is important to us is important at any stage of life. For older adults, it can be a joy-filled, life-giving opportunity. Work with your loved one to find an organization they’d like to help, and then reach out to them to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still volunteer opportunities, like sewing face masks.

3. Show Them How to Use Technology

Technology is increasingly important in our society, from connecting friends and families to providing entertainment to being a new method of learning. Help your senior learn how to use technology a little at a time. Start with a video call program and then try moving to other apps and programs, like games, telehealth, or entertainment sites.

4. Register Them for a Class

Whether virtually or in-person, many seniors enjoy learning something new. Many local community colleges offer programs for seniors to join in on classes that interest them. There are also many high-quality class options online that they can choose, too. Once they’re enrolled, make sure you ask them questions about how it’s going. They just might teach you something, too!

5. Keep Them Involved in Decision-Making

For many seniors, choosing a senior living option is a big decision that might need to be made. If your loved one is looking for a Louisville retirement community, encourage them to help with research and listing the important qualities they want to have in their new home. When they can be involved in this decision or any major decision, they are more likely to enjoy and be optimistic about the outcome.

6. Adopt a Pet

Animals are wonderful companions who can help improve the mental and physical health of their owners. Whether they’re snuggling up watching TV together or asking for another walk around the block, pets are delightful. 

If your loved one cannot take care of an animal but would love to do so, see if there’s an animal shelter in their area that needs volunteers. Oftentimes they love to have someone come in and play with the animals and keep them active, too!

7. Choose Fun and Games

Whether your senior loves crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, card games, or any other fun activity, make sure they have access to plenty of it. Believe it or not, puzzle books can get filled up pretty quickly! Help your loved ones find the activities they love to do that keep their minds sharp.

Whether you’re looking for a means of improving your loved one’s physical activity or their mental sharpness, caring for senior health is of utmost importance. Helping your aging loved ones stay active is an excellent way to set them up for success in any independent living situation. From brain games to walks around the block, every bit helps.

Here at Episcopal Church Home, we think that keeping seniors active helps them live well into the future. Browse our activities and events calendar here to see what our residents are up to. If you have questions about our Louisville retirement community, fill out an information request form here


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