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Episcopal Church Home - Lousiville

What's Happening at Episcopal Church Home in November?

It’s November, and that means all of us here at Episcopal Church Home (ECH) are giving thanks for another year of having the opportunity to provide Louisville’s seniors with dignified, person-centered care.

Residents, we’ve cooked up all sorts of fun activities for you, so your social calendars are sure to be stuffed. And don’t forget to call (502) 736-7800 to make your reservation for our special Thanksgiving dinner in Canterbury Court!

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4 Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Senior Care with Episcopal Church Home

Many college students and recent graduates — even those interested in working in health care — don’t consider a career in senior care. But they should. Elder care is an intensely rewarding, growing field.

On the clinical care side, retirement homes need registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, patient care assistants, physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapists, sleep disorder specialists, pharmacy techs and more.

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What to Do After You're Diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Dementia

What should I do after I’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia?

If you’ve recently learned you are showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, that’s undoubtedly what you’re asking yourself.

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Want to Cut Your Dementia Risk? Make These Lifestyle Changes

Age-related dementia is a difficult condition to manage. Alzheimer’s dementia can be even more so. Both rob seniors of their memories and their cognitive functions, although Alzheimer’s often progresses more quickly and, occasionally, strikes earlier.

Nearly 5 million American seniors have Alzheimer's today, and as the Baby Boom generation reaches peak retirement, that number is expected to grow. In fact, by 2025, according to the Alzheimer's Association, over 13 million Americans will be living with the disease.

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What Kind of Care Does Your Elderly Loved One Need?

Not all Louisville retirement homes offer the same services, and that can be confusing to seniors and their families who are just beginning to explore their personal care options.

Some senior living communities focus on retirement lifestyle. They might offer some light assisted living services, but don’t offer a skilled nursing care or advanced memory care. Some skilled nursing facilities don’t offer independent living options at all.

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Is There New Hope for Alzheimer's Prevention?

As Louisville’s premier memory care experts, we at Episcopal Church Home know that hearing a doctor say the words “Alzheimer’s dementia” in a diagnosis is devastating to a senior and his or her loved ones.

But, unfortunately, there’s no way to know when, or who, the disease will strike. To date, its causes haven’t been well understood and methods for preventing it haven’t been available.

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Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s: What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot of confusion in the public about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We encounter that confusion often among our Louisville memory care residents’ family members and friends.

And it’s natural that there should be confusion, as the differences aren’t always clear to people who don’t have a medical background. But it can also cause difficulties in providing the right care when family members or friends don’t understand why a particular treatment works for one person, but not for their loved one.

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4 Things You Need to Know about Breast Cancer in Seniors

Did you know that breast cancer affects older women disproportionately more than it does the young and middle-aged? That might seem counterintuitive to some, but the data bear it out.

In the United States, the median age for a diagnosis of breast cancer is about 60 years old. In fact, more than 40 percent of all breast cancers are diagnosed in women aged 65 years or older.

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What's Happening at Episcopal Church Home in October? 🎃

Boo! Here we are in October. The leaves are turning brilliant colors, there’s a chill in the air and there’s a whole bevy of activities that seniors at Louisville’s Episcopal Church Home (ECH) retirement community will enjoy.

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How to Recognize the Signs of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s dementia doesn’t always target people of advanced years. Sometimes, it strikes adults in middle age.

This variant — early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia — accounts for only about 5 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases, and tragically impacts people in their peak earning years. It can financially ruin families. It causes men and women to lose their trusted partners. And it can rob children of their caring parent.

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