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Episcopal Church Home - Lousiville

What's Happening at Episcopal Church Home in January?

Happy New Year, Louisville! My oh my, where did 2017 go? We're looking forward to another great year here at Episcopal Church Home, and we're starting off with a month packed full of activities for our residents to enjoy.

Here's everything that's going on in January at Louisville's premier personal care and memory care community:

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8 Tips for Talking to Someone with Memory Loss

Family members who are new to dealing with a loved one's dementia often ask us: "How do you talk with someone with memory loss?"

It's easy: approach talking to someone with dementia the way you would approach talking with a child.

That doesn't mean taking on a patronizing or condescending tone or addressing those with dementia in an undignified manner. It does mean using simpler language and maintaining an encouraging tone, positive expression, eye contact and open gestures. And it means exercising patience.

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7 Reasons to Support the ECH Promise Fund This Year

For nearly a century and a half, Louisville seniors and their families have looked to the Episcopal Church Home for quality, person-centered retirement care. And the care that we've provided has been due in no small measure to the generosity of donors like you.

Thanks to advances in  modern medicine,  people are living longer lives. And that's a wonderful development. However, as a result, many seniors are unfortunately outliving their financial resources, leaving them to worry about how they will afford to live out their remaining years in comfort and security.

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How to Find the Best Memory Care Community for Your Elderly Loved One

If your senior loved one is living in the Louisville area with dementia, Alzheimer's, or age-related memory loss, and could benefit from memory care, how do you go about finding the best memory care facility?

We get asked this question all the time.

And we empathize with you. The process of making a placement decision can feel especially stressful for the spouse, partner, or family caregivers of a loved one with dementia.

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7 Holiday Warning Signs Your Elderly Parent Might Have Memory Loss

It's the holidays — the time when many families separated by distance come back together again for visits. That also makes it the time of year when many children of senior adults notice that something's not quite right with their parent's memory.

Dementia can be insidious. It creeps up on people, sometimes so slowly that they don't notice the changes in their loved one's behavior or cognition.

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3 Tips for Coping with Memory Loss in Your Elderly Loved One

A new diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s is often as hard for families to accept and process as it is for the seniors with those diseases.

Seeing the progression of memory loss in an older loved one is disconcerting — even frightening — especially if it proceeds quickly, as it often does in severe Alzheimer’s cases. Residential memory care can sometimes help to slow it; other times, it’s not as effective.

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Here’s Why You Should Consider a Career in Senior Care, Louisville

Many new grads and mid-career healthcare workers haven’t considered a career in elder care.

There’s many reasons that they should, and we can testify that working with seniors is one of the most intensely gratifying, rewarding roles most of us here at Episcopal Church Home (ECH) have ever worked in!

If any myths or stigmas are still floating around out there about senior care. Today, let’s discuss (and bust) a few of them.

Here’s our fresh take on working in elder care.

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ECH Team Members Recognized at LeadingAge Kentucky’s Annual Awards Luncheon

Seniors and families in Louisville have long recognized that the care we provide here at Episcopal Church Home (ECH) is pretty special.

As an Episcopal Retirement Services retirement community, we believe that all older people deserve person-centered, dignified care, so we make sure that we hire only those individuals who demonstrate a passion for providing it.

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What's Happening at Episcopal Church Home in November?

It’s November, and that means all of us here at Episcopal Church Home (ECH) are giving thanks for another year of having the opportunity to provide Louisville’s seniors with dignified, person-centered care.

Residents, we’ve cooked up all sorts of fun activities for you, so your social calendars are sure to be stuffed. And don’t forget to call (502) 736-7800 to make your reservation for our special Thanksgiving dinner in Canterbury Court!

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