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Heat Proof Mom’s House This Summer - Retirement Housing

As the dog days of summer approach, you may need to think about whether mom and dad's house is able to keep them cool. Senior homes have to stay ... Read More

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There's Already a Shortage of Affordable Senior Living in Cincinnati

Before we dig into the lack of affordable senior living options, it may be helpful to look back on the most recent housing crisis that affected our ... Read More

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Why Tina Grant, a St. Paul Village Resident, is Going 'Over the Edge'

My name is Tina Grant, and I am going Over the Edge! Just a little bit about me, I am a 66 year old resident of the Episcopal Retirement Homes Affordable ... Read More

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10 Tips to Prevent Senior Financial Abuse

According to experts like Forbes, one of the biggest forms of abuse that elder members of our society are experiencing these days isn't necessarily physical in nature. Forbes recently reported that a new study revealed that elderly people are swindled ... Read More

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Edger Spotlight: Astar Daniels

Painter, Author, Sculptor, World Traveler, Firewalker…Fundraiser

Age: 94
Home: St. Paul Village
Interests: Living Boldly

Astar Daniels has led an ... Read More

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3 Gadgets under $200 That Make Life Easier for Seniors and Caregivers

Those entering their golden years today are enjoying the benefit of living in a digital era: Today, senior health care records can be accessed with the push of a button, spending time with faraway friends and family is as easy as video-chatting ... Read More

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10 Fast Facts about Senior Heart Health

Heart health is essential for living well. This is true for people of all ages, but especially for seniors. The umbrella term “heart disease” covers many conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, including heart failure, an ... Read More

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What's the True Cost of Assisted Care?

Seniors faced with the need to move away from home and into an assisted living apartment or retirement community often struggle with anticipating the true cost of care. Naturally, there is a significant financial impact on the senior in question. Read More

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How US Senior Life Compares to Other Nations Around the Globe

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there will be over two billion people aged 60 or older, worldwide, by 2050. That's a staggering number of people who will ... Read More

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