What Does It Mean to Live Well Into the Future?

What Does It Mean to Live Well Into the Future?

What Does It Mean to Live Well Into the Future?

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What Does It Mean to Live Well Into the Future?

Many seniors aspire to age positively or, as the Episcopal Church Home (ECH) in Louisville, KY, puts it, “live well into the future.” Likewise, families want their aging loved ones to have a brighter outlook. Both are worthy goals, and it can be challenging to identify exactly what living well into the future looks like.

Today, we’re not only going to define this phrase, but we’ll also share some tips seniors can use to age positively and have a happy, healthy future.

What is “Living Well into the Future”?

As previously mentioned, living well into the future is closely related to the idea of positive aging. Positive aging, according to the World Health Organization, is “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” 

This holistic approach looks beyond physical and mental wellness, taking a senior’s social, spiritual, and financial into consideration. By embracing all aspects of health, seniors are more likely to have a positive outlook and live more fulfilled lives

That’s what living well into the future means to us: cultivating a life of wellness in all aspects so that seniors can live a happy, fulfilled life they way they want.

ECH’s Tips for Positive Aging

There are many ways seniors can age more positively. One of the best ways to age in a healthy way is by continuing to do their favorite activities as they are able. While some abilities may change, incorporating as many existing passions as possible can make aging much easier. For seniors who love movement, prioritizing a daily walk is a great idea, for example.

Another tip for positive aging is to make a plan to connect with those around you. Whether it’s the neighbors, family, friends, or people from church, seniors can continue to strengthen important relationships by continuing to engage with others. Then, when circumstances change, they’ll have a support network ready to help them through challenging times.

Seniors also need to continue to live life on their terms and stay engaged. For some, that might mean picking up a part-time job even after they retire. Maybe something with less stress, but that will still keep the brain sharp. Others might be ready to enjoy retirement and the leisurely hobbies they love. No matter what route is better for them, remembering to continue moving forward is an essential part of healthy aging.

Finally, seniors should remember to keep their health a priority. This includes getting enough sleep (a minimum of 7 to 8 hours each night); eating balanced, nutritious meals; and hydrating with plenty of water throughout the day. While physical health isn’t the only aspect of health that contributes to positive aging and living well into the future, it’s undoubtedly a cornerstone of the process. Regular doctor’s visits are also important to catch any potential problems as soon as possible.

A Retirement Community Can Help

Believe it or not, retirement communities can be a great resource to help seniors live well into the future. Senior living offers many different levels of care — from independent living and personal care to long-term skilled nursing — that allow seniors to enjoy life and be as independent as possible while still receiving the help they need. Many of these communities have event programming and entertainment designed to keep seniors engaged and present in their lives. And, of course, there’s always someone next door to say hello.

For all seniors, living well into the future will need some work on their part. From optimizing their nutrition to keeping up relationships with loved ones, there’s plenty that seniors can do to impact the way they age positively. For many, a retirement community can further ease this process.  

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