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Deupree House Residents Celebrate Earth Day with a Sense of Purpose

At Deupree House, we take a different approach to wellness than what you’ll find at most Cincinnati retirement communities. Too often, retirement care providers focus the majority of their attention on their residents’ immediate physical needs.

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Should You Give Up Driving After Retirement?

Being able to drive has always meant freedom—ever since you were driving around town in the family care. And the good news is that you’re probably a much safer driver!

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Raising Awareness of Ageism and the Stigma of Senior Living


Ageism is everywhere. It’s on television, in the movies, at the workplace, or even around the community, and it can manifest in some obvious and some not so obvious ways.

You may have even uttered an ageist comment yourself. It’s important that we understand what ageism is so that we can work on eradicating it from our society.

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