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Seven Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

Senior drivers have it better today than they did in the past. Better cars, better health and better roads all add up to more years behind the wheel for many older adults, whether they’re living in their own homes or in retirement communities.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s business as usual for senior drivers. If you’re an older driver who hopes to hold onto your keys for a few years longer without compromising your own safety or the safety of others, follow these seven driving tips for seniors.


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5 Pieces of Advice No One Gave You about Life after Retirement

Most seniors look forward to retirement as the stage in life when they may do exactly as they choose, whenever and whatever that may be. With proper planning and foresight, your retirement years can be just as active, interesting and productive, but less stressful, than your working years. Retirement communities, friends, co-workers and numerous support organizations are aware of the pitfalls, and can help ease the transition for you.

Reaching retirement age is not like graduation or marriage: Your life should not suddenly change for better or worse. Rather, giving up the "daily grind" can open new opportunities, and offer a more relaxed way for you to participate fully in the lifestyle you embrace. But, it is not all sweetness and light either.

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The Evolution of Charitable Giving after Retirement

Deupree House is proud to be part of the Episcopal Retirement Homes mission as a non-profit provider of senior living services. We're imbued with what we view as a sacred trust— to minister to, care for, assist and ensure the well-being of all our residents, and of seniors in the greater Cincinnati who utilize the in-home programs run from Deupree, like Meals on Wheels. But we're just as proud of our long history of charitable giving.

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