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4 Things All Seniors Should Do to Stay Healthy This Winter

It's easy, in a Midwestern winter, to shut yourself indoors, veg out on the couch and stare at the TV for hours on end. But for some people, including seniors, that lack of activity can be dangerous.

For one, we know that there's a strong link between a sedentary lifestyle and the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's, other dementias, or age-related memory loss. We also know that muscles that aren't regularly challenged quickly begin to atrophy (shrink), so inactivity can create mobility issues.

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October Challenge: Improve Your Senior Healthcare Practices

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but many of our readers may be wondering if breast cancer is really something that seniors need to worry about?

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Low-Sodium Diet is a Key to Better Senior Health

You probably already know that a high-salt diet puts you at risk for heart disease and strokes. Salt, via its component element sodium, raises blood pressure (a condition known as hypertension) and can damage heart muscle tissue or brain tissue, as well as weaken the walls of major blood vessels like the coronary and femoral arteries. And though the heart and brain get most of the attention when it comes to warnings, high dietary sodium intake has farther-reaching consequences in the body — especially for seniors.

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