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Senior Living Less Removed

Senior living in Cincinnati can be a truly rewarding experience when you’re plugged into the right community.

Here’s how residents at Deupree House are plugging into the culture of Cincinnati.

Being Patrons of the Arts

Cincinnati is home to a host of talented artists and musicians, and many Deupree House residents are already great patrons of the arts before they move into our community. So, we make sure that they have plenty of opportunities to further their cultural interests.

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Deupree House is Committed to Community Outreach


Deupree House and our sister retirement communities are committed to outreach. We operate a number of programs that help our residents build relationships in Greater Cincinnati while educating the community on aging gracefully and what Deupree House stands for.

Deupree House Meal on Wheels

Perhaps one of the greatest expressions of community outreach at Deupree is the Meals on Wheels program.

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