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Marjorie P. Lee Senior Living Blog

How Marjorie P. Lee Resident Kate Powers Lives Purposefully

What Adult Children & Their Senior Loved Ones Should Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

How to Plan for Your Loved One's Senior Care in the New Year

How to Prepare Your Senior Loved One for a Move Into Long-Term Care

How to Cheer Up Elderly Loved Ones Who Are Moving Into Long-Term Care

Connecting with Nature: The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy at Marjorie P. Lee

Learn More About MPL’s Household Setting With Memory Support Household Coordinator, Susannah Jonas

Marjorie P. Lee Nears Completion of Master Plan With 3 New Long-Term Care Households

10 Warning Signs Your Aging Loved One May be at Risk

Holiday Travel Tips for Older Adults With Memory Loss

What Kind of Care Does Your Aging Loved One Need?

When Should You Put Your Aging Parents on a Senior Living Waitlist?

Marjorie P. Lee & The Art of Hospitality with "Platinum" Service

What Is Catered Living for Seniors?

5 Unexpected Trends in Today’s Long-Term Care

When a Parent's Short-Term Rehab Becomes Long-Term Care

7 Fun Things to Do With Your Aging Parent Around Cincinnati This Summer

Tablet Technology Debuts at Marjorie P. Lee

Senior Fraud: How to Protect Aging Loved Ones From Digital Scammers

Meyer Family Rehabilitation Center Provides Top-Notch Care at Marjorie P. Lee

4 Steps to Take when Mom or Dad is Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

What Are the Signs of "Normal" Aging vs. “Abnormal” Aging?

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Long-Term Care Community

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Senior Loved One with Dementia

Six Flu Prevention Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

Four Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active This Winter

Can Lifelong Learning Preserve Your Memory?

When Should Your Elderly Loved One Get on a Retirement Home Waitlist?

Short-Term Rehab vs. Straight Home: What's the Best Option for Your Elderly Client?

Marjorie P. Lee Master Plan Renovations Reach the Halfway Point

MPL Residents Get Each Other Singing With the Java Memory Care Program

How To Spend Grandparents Day With A Loved One Who Has Memory Loss

4 Steps for Safe Travel with a Parent with Alzheimer's or Dementia

6 Ways To Help Loved Ones Cope With Sundowner's Syndrome

3 Meaningful Ways to Encourage Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness All Year Long

At Marjorie P. Lee, Trained Student Interns Are Inspiring Residents Through Art Therapy

What's the Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care?

How to Cope With Feelings of Grief After a Parent's Dementia Diagnosis

Support for Family Members of Loved Ones with Memory Loss

MPL Resident Dan Wheeler Finds Positive Aging in Lifelong Creativity

Marjorie P. Lee Staff Learn About a Positive Approach to Care®

How to Help A Loved One Keep a Positive Attitude About Aging

What You Need to Know About the Stages of Aging

How Families & Seniors Can Keep Love Alive as Memories Fade

What is the Psychology of Positive Aging?

5 Healthy Aging Resources in Cincinnati

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in January?

3 Promising New Therapies for Memory Loss

Memory Care vs. Assisted Living: What's the Difference?

Tips on Spending the Holidays with a Loved One with Memory Loss

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in December?

The Top 7 Causes of Memory Loss and What to Do About Them

When You Need to Worry About Sudden Memory Loss

4 Brain-Enhancing Foods That Could Help Prevent Memory Loss

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in November?

Why You Need a Transition Plan for Memory Care

4 Ways Seniors Can Keep Their Memories Sharp

How to Help an Elderly Loved One Who's Depressed

3 Myths About Alzheimer's and Dementia That You Need to Know

How to Talk to a Loved One About Memory Loss

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in October? 🎃

How to Create a Caregiving Plan for an Elderly Loved One

10 Simple Steps for Preventing Falls in Seniors

🍂 What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in September?

Caregiver Burnout: Learn to Recognize the Signs

Download These Apps If You're Caring for an Aging Parent

Checklist: How to Choose a Short-Term Rehab Provider

Donors Turn Innovative Vision into Reality at Marjorie P. Lee

☀️ What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in August?

How to Avoid Arguing with Your Siblings About Your Parents’ Care

Feeling Guilty While Caring for an Aging Loved One? You're Not Alone.

How to Know  When It's Time for Your Elderly Parent to Stop Driving

💭 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Memory Care Community

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in July?

[QUIZ]: How Much Do You Know About Alzheimer's & Dementia?

🎨 MPL Hosts Semi-Final of LeadingAge’s Art and Writing Show

Updates on the Marjorie P. Lee Master Plan

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in June?

🌤 Watch Out for These 5 Warning Signs of Skin Cancer in Seniors

Do You Know All the Ways YOU Can Prevent Osteoporosis? ✋

7 Tips to Help Your Older Loved One Recover from a Stroke 🏃🏽

What to Say — and NOT Say — to a Loved One with Dementia

What to Expect When You Go from Short-Term Rehab to Home

💵 How to Pay for Care for a Loved One with Alzheimer's or Dementia

⏰ How to Tell the Difference Between Dementia and "Normal" Aging

What's Happening in May at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home 🌸

⚾️ What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in April?

Four Developments Shaping the Future of Memory Care

How to Tell the Difference Between Dementia and "Normal" Aging

Your First 4 Steps After Mom or Dad is Diagnosed with Dementia

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in March?

4 Tips for Coping with Caregiver Stress

How to Keep Your Elderly Parents Happy and Healthy This Year

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in February?

Is Mom Battling the Winter Blues, or Clinical Depression?

National Glaucoma Awareness Month: What Seniors Need to Know

6 Ways Seniors Can Live a Heart-Healthy Life

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in January?

4 Things Cincinnati Seniors Should Do to Prepare for Flu Season

4 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in December?

Make the Most of Thanksgiving with Your Elderly Loved Ones

3 Ways to Help Caregivers During National Family Caregivers Month

3 Findings in National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in November?

Dan Wheeler Wins Accolades in State Arts Competition

How You Can Help Your Elderly Loved One Prevent Falls

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home in October

Signs You Need Help Looking After Your Senior Loved One

4 Autumn Safety Considerations for Seniors Living Alone

8 Things Every Senior Should Do Before Scheduling an Elective Surgery

What's Happening in September at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home

3 Ideas for Spending National Grandparents Day

4 Reasons Your Parent Might Need Short-Term Rehab Care

3 Ways to Spend National Senior Citizens Day

6 Critical Health Screenings for Senior Women

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home in August

How to Keep Your Elderly Parents Cool and Safe This Summer

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home in July

4 Things to Know When Helping Your Elderly Loved One Write a Memoir

WNKU’s Katie Laur on Her Short-Term Rehab Stay at Marjorie P. Lee

What We Can Learn from Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Patients

Cincinnati Caregivers Find Support at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home

Father's Day Ideas for Your Senior Dad or Grandfather

What's Happening in June at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Home

Plan a Patriotic Memorial Day with Your Aging Parents

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Short-Term Rehab Facility

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee in May?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Your Elderly Parent or Grandparent

How to Cheer Up an Elderly Parent in Short-Term Rehab

Everything You Need to Know about Geriatric Care Management

5 Spring Exercise Safety Tips for Seniors

What's Happening at Marjorie P. Lee this April

Visiting Your Aging Parents? Here’s How to Make Sure They Stay Safe

A Habit to Improve Your Relationship with Your Parents

Early Diagnosis of Depression in Aging Parents Could Be Life-Saving

Is It Safe for My Aging Parents to Return Home After a Stroke?

The Habits That Make Caring for Aging Parents Easier

5 Questions That Should Guide Your Planning for Aging Parents

3 Ways an Aging Parent's Living Situation May Change after Rehab

How Does Health Affect One's Ability to Live Independently?

5 Reasons To Not Be Sorry for Worrying About Your Parents

What to Do When an Elderly Parent Needs Help at Home

There Are Big Things in Store for the Marjorie P. Lee Community

Marjorie P. Lee December Events Calendar

Motion is Lotion: How Sitting Down Is Killing Seniors

Coping with the Stress of Parenting a Parent—and Your Kids

Dealing with Difficult Dementia Behavior

The Benefits of Cat Companionship for Seniors Who Live Alone

Volunteering May Be the Best Thing for Isolated Seniors

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day with Our Elderly Loved Ones

5 Warning Signs to Watch for in Elderly Parents during the Holidays

Marjorie P. Lee November 2015 Events

What to Expect from a Good Short Term Rehab Program

This Is the Most Difficult Discussion You Will Have as a Caregiver

5 Ways to Deal with Caregiver Stress

Plan a Wellness Check on Elderly Parents Over the Holidays

Advice from the Caregiver’s Handbook: Diabetes Care 101

How to Choose the Right Memory Care Home for Mom

4 Red Flags in Short Term Rehab Care

What a Parent’s End-of-Life Decisions Mean for Caregivers

It’s Okay to Feel Conflicted about Caregiving

5 Signs Mom Needs New Dentures

Bad Dentures Can Lead to Serious Oral Health Problems

Marjorie P. Lee October Events Calendar

3 Qualities to Look for in a Retirement Community

Studies Show Over-Prescription of Medications for Seniors

It’s the Same Old News for Medicare: Seniors are Targets for Fraud

What You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing a Short-Term Rehab

Make Mom's Home Recovery Safe after Short Term Rehab

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

When a Parent's Short-Term Rehab Stay Becomes Long-Term Care

What You Need to Know about Caring for a Celiac Parent

A Good Relationship with Mom’s Pharmacist Could Save Her Life

What to Expect from Mom's Cardiac Care Rehab

5 Ways to Celebrate on Grandparents Day

A No Nonsense Look at Medicare Coverage of Short Term Rehab

3 Things That Make Women’s Heart Health Unique

4 Ways To Be Supportive During Mom's Short Term Rehab Stay

5 Places Seniors Can Find the Best Burgers in Cincinnati

4 FAQs about Paying for a Parent's Short-Term Rehab

Senior Health Care Can Be a Joke. Sometimes That's a Good Thing.

Short-Term Rehab Isn't Just for Physical Improvement

5 Reasons Seniors Should Adopt on Homeless Animals Day

Treat People Living With Dementia - A New Revolutionary Way

Here’s Why Self-Esteem Is a Senior Health Care Issue

3 Things to Do on Parent’s Day - Elder Care in Cincinnati

Senior Care on the Road: Vacationing with Elderly Parents

Helping an Elderly Parent Plan for the Worst

Is Mom Really Safe in Her Home? Chances Are the Answer Is No

Isolation Is One of the Greatest Health Risks Facing Seniors

3 Chronic Conditions That Are Especially Dangerous for Older Men

5 Tips for Keeping a Senior's Apartment Cool This Summer

Gardening: A Healthy Lifestyle Choice for Seniors

4 Changes That Help Adapt Senior Apartments to Life with Arthritis

3 Small Memory Care Mistakes That Have A Big Impact

Mom Had a Stroke. Does She Need Assisted Living?

5 Ways to Start a Senior Care Conversation in Women’s Health Week

Are You Sure Mom Has the Right Level of Care?

How to Make a Senior's Apartment Safer without 24-Hour Surveillance

The Secret to Getting Mom's Care Team to Love You

Give Your Memory Care a Boost in Poetry Month

Prepare Yourself for the Rising Cost of Memory Care

Here's How to Build a Strong Care Team for Mom

Healthier Eating = Healthier Brain: A Simple Brain Health Equation

Your Grocery Habits May Not Be Doing Mom any Favors

That Morning Coffee May Be Doing More than You Think

How to Make Your Assisted Living Apartment Feel More Like Home

Power in Positivity: The Best New Discovery about Senior Heart Health

Can You Think Yourself to Better Brain Health?

Use Your Assisted Living Apartment to Improve Your Life

5 Ways for Seniors to Enjoy New Digital Savvy

How a Healthy Heart Can Help You Stay Sharp

Wave at Your Neighbors: Rebuilding Social Ties in Assisted Living

Marjorie P. Lee February Events Calendar

How to Plan an Indoor Day That You’ll Cherish with the Grandkids

6 Mind-Bending Activities That Can Help Build Brain Health

These Gadgets Are Great for Even the Least Tech-Savvy Senior

What to Do in Cincinnati This Week: Jan 25-31

5 Ways Homebound Seniors Can Stay Active This Season

For Seniors, Nothing Can Be Key to Living Well

10 Ways for Seniors to Enjoy Creativity Month in Cincinnati

Marjorie P. Lee Events Calendar

Internet Surfing 101: Tips for Seniors Just Starting Out Online

5 New Things for Cincinnati Seniors to Try in 2015

4 Tips to Beat Common Winter Woes for Seniors

Don't Let the Winter Blues Keep You Down

5 Fun, Memory-Sharpening Word Games for Crossword Puzzle Day

Thinking with Sounds: The Link between Music and Memory

The Holiday Season Is Prime Time for Seniors to Explore Family History

Marjorie P. Lee December Events

Celebrate Cincinnati's Musical Heritage on World Choral Day

5 Winter Health Myths More Stubborn than the Common Cold

3 Things You Need to Know about Neuroplasticity

Can the Right Movie Make a Difference for Seniors with Alzheimer’s?

Seniors, Prepare Your Skin for Winter

5 Inspirational Seniors from TV Land

Explore Ohio's Best Botanicals on Take a Hike Day!

11 Fast Facts on Senior Health and Diabetes

Marjorie P. Lee November Events

A Year in Review: The Biggest Alzheimer's Developments of 2014

3 Ways Diabetic Seniors Keep Living Well

The Secret to Eating for Better Health as a Senior

Ways to Make Sure Kitty is Cozy in Your Retirement Community

What Is Lifelong Learning? And Why Should I Care?

How Frequently Is Dementia Misdiagnosed?

A Closer Look at Person-Centered Care

12 Senior Healthcare Tricks for Relieving Arthritis Pain

10 Simple Steps toward More Stress-Free Retirement Living

10 Truths about Memory Care

Marjorie P. Lee October Events Calendar

3 Ways Lifelong Learning is Critical to Better Senior Life

3 Services Every Caregiver Needs to be Happy and Healthy

New Alzheimer's Research May Revolutionize Senior Health

Play Me a Melody: How Music Keeps Seniors Living Well

Vitamin D: Your Brain's New Best Friend

Are Video Games the Next Great Brain-Training Tool?

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Graciousness into Senior Life

Cincinnati Senior Living Kicks off Fall with a Flourish

Cincinnati Retirement Communities Go Day-Tripping!

Heart Healthy: 3 Recipes That Have All the Flavor and No Added Salt

Your First Steps to Finding the Right Retirement Community

When to Start Looking into Assisted Care

These Retirement Communities Prove You’re Never too Old for Fun

Trouble with Your Senior Living Move? Hire a Professional

Enjoy These New and Classic Tales of Senior Life

August Events: Senior Living Hits a High Note in Cincinnati

The Key to Living Well after 80

Take the Stress Out of Downsizing Your Senior Living

You're Overcomplicating the Move to Assisted Living

Busting 5 Major Myths about Assisted Living in Cincinnati

Should Mom and Dad Move in with Me?

Keep Memories, Not Clutter: The Right Way to Downsize Senior Living

Downsizing Leads to a More Organized Senior Life

Retirement Living Choices Abound: But What About Fido?

Cincinnati Seniors Enjoy the Life Aquatic at the Newport Aquarium

July Events Continue Fun Summer Senior Lifestyle

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Cincinnati

Moving into a Retirement Community? Here’s What You Should Keep.

Senior Life in Cincinnati Isn’t About Planting Yourself at Home

Cincinnati Seniors Take a Chance on Casino Amenities

A Guide to Senior Lifestyle in Tristate Greenspaces

Cincinnati Suits Seniors to a Tee: A Guide to Cincinnati Golf Courses

The Cincinnati Senior's Summer Guide to Outdoor Dining

Marjorie P. Lee Events Calendar for June 2014

Seniors Can Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Comfort

3 Great Spring Reads for Cincinnati Seniors

Cincinnati’s Seniors Get in on the Game Day Fun

Sponsored Doctor Ratings: Boon or Bane for Senior Healthcare?

3 Simple Rules for Discussing Finances With Your Parents

These Cincinnati Communities Have Something Others Don't

The Nation Celebrates Senior Life in May

Marjorie P. Lee May Events Calendar

Cincinnati Retirement Communities Offer Seniors a Health Head Start

The Threat of Alzheimer's Disease Complicates Future Care Decisions

New Study Shows Women Suffer Disproportionately from Alzheimer’s

Are Geriatric ERs the Future of Senior Healthcare?

Can New Medical Tests Improve Senior Life?

You Can Avoid This Major Pitfall of Senior Life

Cincinnati Seniors Shouldn't Miss Out on the Best of the Queen City

What's in store for Marjorie P. Lee residents this month?

Some Wellness Decisions Have Senior Healthcare Consequences

Can Spa Services Improve Senior Healthcare?

Is the Call for Dementia Research in Senior Healthcare Being Heard?

Town Shows How Senior Healthcare Can Revolutionize America

Cincinnati Seniors May See Revolutionary Device for Tired, Achy Feet

Do You Know if Your Money Will Be Safe after Retirement?

Are Cincinnati Seniors Making the Right Choices About Social Drinking?

Senior Living is Grand at Marjorie P. Lee this Month

Don’t Equate Assisted Care with a Nursing Home

Is Assisted Care Right for Your Parents?

Cuts in Hospital Reimbursement Affect Senior Healthcare

Plummeting ER Scores Complicate Senior Healthcare

Arts & Entertainment Prospectus for Retirement Living in Cincinnati

Destination Cincinnati: Retirement Living in the Queen City

Can an At-Home Test Detect Risk Factors for Senior Brain Fitness?

February Retirement Living is Action-Packed at Marjorie P. Lee

New Research Links Genetics to Brain Fitness for Seniors

Recognize Signs of a Bad Eldercare Choice Before It's Too Late

Senior Support Services May Not Be Enough to Keep Mom at Home

How to Calculate the Cost of Long-term Senior Care

The Critical Guide to Finding Eldercare in Cincinnati

Are Your Elderly Parents Being Exploited by Senior Care Services?

Offer the Right Senior Care for Loved Ones with Dementia

Is a Roommate the Cure for Loneliness in Senior Living?

Marjorie P Lee Starts Senior Living with a Bang in 2014

Make the Most of Opportunities That Come Along after Retirement

The Emotional Impact of Alzheimer's on You and Your Loved One

Perspectives on Alzheimer's in Everyday Senior Living

Arts and Culture Alive and Well for Cincinnati Retirement Communities

Cincinnati's Premier Retirement Living Promises a Spectacular Season

Simple Rules for Offering Care to the Care-Resistant

20 Years of Research Show Why You Should Choose Memory Support

Are Strong Family Ties a Cure for Depression in Retirement Living?

Research Discovers Unexpected Brain Fitness for Seniors

Why Senior Living Needs Tech Ed: Surprises in Store for Landlines

Caregivers Find Critical Support from Assisted Living in Cincinnati

Senior Healthcare: the Sad Story of a Generation of Smokers

See What Senior Living in Hyde Park is All About

There’s No Guide to Retirement Living, But We Make Life Easy

Senior Care Doesn’t Always Aspire to the Highest Standards

Family Resources for Alzheimer's Care in Cincinnati

Living Alone with Alzheimer's

Diabetes Facts and Figures Create Striking Portrait of Senior Health

You Aren’t Alone in Caring for a Cincinnati Senior with Dementia

Want to Experience Better Senior Living? Read.

October Events and Activities at Marjorie P. Lee

Marjorie P. Lee Gets to the Heart of Community Living

Community and Care Are Key at Marjorie P. Lee

Technology Improves Senior Living for the Hearing Impaired

3 Steps to Active and Independent Senior Living

Managing the 4 Top Senior Wellness Crises

Senior Living Events at Marjorie P. Lee - September 2013

Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's in Senior Living

Healthy, Dynamic Senior Living is a Lifestyle

Regular Exercise is the Key to Living Well as a Senior

Caring for Older Adult Parents with Alzheimers or Dementia

Retirement Living in Your Golden Years

2 Ways to Beat Burn Out in Senior Care

Plugging into a Social Network Keeps You Living Well in Retirement

Summertime Senior Living at Marjorie P. Lee

2 Simple Ways to Bring Brain Fitness into Everyday Senior Living

5 Common Reasons for Forgetfulness in Senior Living

Take Charge of Your Senior Healthcare

5 Easy Tips for Starting a Senior Brain Fitness Program This Summer

6 Strengthening Exercises for More Independent Senior Living

Retirement Living Swings into High Gear at Marjorie P. Lee this July

Basic Senior Skin Care Tips for Healthier Summer Living

Summer Wellness Tips for Footloose and Fancy-free Senior Living

Beat the Heat with 3 Cool Tips for Summer Senior Living

Dive into Senior Fitness with Water Aerobics

Aphasia Isn't the Fast-track to an Assisted Living Community

Marjorie P Lee Offers Senior Life Enrichment

Cut Back on Polypharmacy with Practical Tips for Senior Wellness

Enriched Senior Life: Finding a Retirement Community to Grow in

Practice Walker Safety in Your Senior Living Community

Find Brain Fitness in Everyday Senior Life

Finding Mental Wellness in Your Senior Life

It’s Never 2 Late to Start Living Well

The Power of Senior Life is Unleashed Through Community

Marjorie P. Lee Connects with Community to Enrich Senior Life

Taking Steps to Manage High Blood Pressure Betters Senior Living

Senior Life Provides Opportunities to Dine in Substance and Style

Find Fun and Enriched Senior Living at Marjorie P. Lee

Dakim Software Promotes Acuity and Independent Living for Seniors

Get in the Derby Spirit at Your Retirement Community

Superfoods for a Super Diabetic Menu

Tips for Seniors: Recognizing the Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Marjorie P. Lee: Comfortable Senior Living in Cincinnati

Residents Make Marjorie P. Lee a One-of-a-kind Retirement Community

Living Well with Arthritis

The Aging Mind and the Mentality of Living Well

Make the Most of Senior Living at Marjorie P Lee

Dignity, Purpose, Care: Senior Rehabilitation Services in Cincinnati

Marjorie P Lee Provides Memory Support for Your Senior Living

Life on Your Terms: How Senior Living Should Be

Wellness Tips for Seniors: Maintaining Mental Acuity

Gracious Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s Patients at Marjorie P Lee

At Marjorie P Lee, We’re Setting the Bar for Gracious Senior Living

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