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5 Brain Fitness Exercises to Practice in Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

As the number of older adults with Alzheimer’s increases each year, there’s no guarantee that you will stay sharp long into your golden years, but there is increasing evidence that you can exercise some control over your brain fitness by being good to your body. It is never too late to embrace healthy habits, practice both mental and physical stretching, and indulge your curiosity. As experts in diverse fields of aging, mental health and physical well-being attest, the relationship between body and brain is closer than you may have imagined. Even though it may not be possible to "think yourself well," it is certainly true that if you abuse your body, your brain will also suffer.

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Exercise and Learning has Far-reaching Benefits for Senior Wellness

You don’t need a gym membership, personal trainer, or nutritionist to start living well. You can take steps toward healthier senior living in your every day life!

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