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New Alzheimer's Research May Revolutionize Senior Health

Alzheimer's disease is a notoriously difficult cognitive disorder to deal with. For people in the advanced stages of the disease, little other than providing supportive care and memory care can be done — there is no known cure and, to date, no known medicine that could be given to reliably slow its advance.

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Your First Steps to Finding the Right Retirement Community

Even after you’ve made a conscious decision to start planning ahead—for your future and your future care needs—it can be difficult to know where to start. But don’t let yourself get bogged down. If you and your loved ones put off thinking about future care, for whatever reason, you run the risk of being financially or mentally unprepared when the need arises.

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Don’t Equate Assisted Care with a Nursing Home

Although you’re probably quite familiar with the terms “assisted living” and “nursing care,” you may not realize that you’re working with the wrong definitions of the words. Both may be offered by the same providers, but they really are quite different from one another.

In the past, you may have equated assisted care with nursing home living because the two seem similar at first glance. The intent of both types of care is to provide daily support for older adults and individuals with certain disabilities. Both are associated with retirement living, and they can often be found within the same building!

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Senior Care Doesn’t Always Aspire to the Highest Standards

If you’re a caregiver, you want to know that any senior service or assisted living community you entrust with the wellbeing of your loved one will be able to provide the highest level of care.

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