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Holiday Travel Tips for Older Adults With Memory Loss

Millions of people hit the roads, rails or airways every holiday season. If you’re traveling with an older adult with dementia or another form of memory loss, however, you may have extra concerns this year. The good news? Although some extra planning and preparation may be necessary, holiday travel is still possible for many people in memory care. Read on for a roundup of tips aimed at helping you enjoy happy holidays while traveling with your aging loved one.

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How To Spend Grandparents Day With A Loved One Who Has Memory Loss

As Grandparents Day approaches on Sept. 9, you and your children may be interested in celebrating your parents and their grandparents. But that’s likely easier said than done if one of your parents has Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.

On Grandparents’ Day or any other special day, here’s how you can plan an enjoyable experience for everyone involved:

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How Families & Seniors Can Keep Love Alive as Memories Fade


Age-related memory loss is disconcerting enough. Memory loss due to Alzheimer's or other dementia disorders is just plain devastating. And either is a source of heartbreak for seniors, their partners and spouses and their families.

Memory loss doesn't end relationships. An elder might not be able to remember all the good moments you've had together over the years, and might not be able to form new, lasting memories, but there are certainly good times still to be had.

Still, it's a difficult thing for seniors and their partners or caregivers to grapple with. So, today, with Valentine's Day approaching, let's talk about what families and seniors living in Cincinnati and elsewhere can do to keep love alive, even as memories fade.

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3 Promising New Therapies for Memory Loss


The wonderful thing about science is that it's never finished. The pursuit of knowledge never stops. When one discovery is made, it leads to many others. It's a never-ending search.

We know that there's plenty to learn about Alzheimer's dementia, age-related memory loss, and other cognitive disorders. Frankly, we've barely scratched the surface. But scratching at it we are.

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The Top 7 Causes of Memory Loss and What to Do About Them

It can be disconcerting to realize you have a gap in your memory or to notice it in someone you love.

That’s because the first thing most people think of when they notice an older person is having difficulty remembering things is probably Alzheimer’s disease — especially given the relatively high profile the disease has had over the past several decades.

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