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How to Cope With Feelings of Grief After a Parent's Dementia Diagnosis

It can be hard to come to terms with a parent's age-related memory loss. It can be even more challenging  to grieve an elder's Alzheimer's dementia diagnosis.

There's no getting around it: An Alzheimer's diagnosis is always a fatal one. There's no known cure. There's no way to stop the disease in its tracks.

Various memory care methods might be useful in slowing the progression of a loved one's Alzheimer's dementia, but results are hit-or-miss in many cases. There can be periods of prolonged stability, followed by periods of rapid decline.

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Support for Family Members of Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Dementia caregiving isn't an easy endeavor. As your loved one's disease progresses, it will not only rob him or her of memories, but also of the ability to do simple things like dress, bathe or use a fork at mealtime.

It's heartbreaking to watch. But, as your loved one is depending on you for care and for reassurance, you know that you'll need maintain a positive outlook, even though you might not always feel positive on the inside.

So, who can you turn to for support when your older loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or age-related memory loss? They're depending on you for care, but who will you depend on as you face the burden of providing care?

Let's talk today about some of the memory loss support resources available to you here in the Cincinnati area and discuss what each can do for you.

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