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A No Nonsense Look at Medicare Coverage of Short Term Rehab

After a major surgery, serious health event, or long stay in a hospital, many seniors require physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology services resulting to help get them back on their feet and able to navigate their daily lives safely and with ease. When it comes to paying for this kind of short term rehab care, however, many families have questions and concerns about how they will be able to afford the costs of therapy for an elderly parent.

For many seniors and their caregivers, Medicare is the best option for assistance in covering the expense, but understanding just how much Medicare will pay, and what it will pay for, can be confusing. To help you better understand how Medicare covers short term rehab, we put together a simple and straightforward guide to understanding how Medicare can help you cover the cost of a parent’s short term care at a quality rehab center.

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Your First Steps to Finding the Right Retirement Community

Even after you’ve made a conscious decision to start planning ahead—for your future and your future care needs—it can be difficult to know where to start. But don’t let yourself get bogged down. If you and your loved ones put off thinking about future care, for whatever reason, you run the risk of being financially or mentally unprepared when the need arises.

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When to Start Looking into Assisted Care

As we approach retirement age and beyond, it’s natural to start thinking about future care. Aging is a surety and, for those of us fortunate enough to live into our advanced years, so is the eventual need for help with the necessities of daily life. But when do you actually start planning for and taking steps toward a move into assisted care? 

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Sponsored Doctor Ratings: Boon or Bane for Senior Healthcare?

Healthcare has not traditionally been a consumer-based market. The view of healthcare as a product to be consumed is a uniquely American twist, and it presents an interesting challenge-- especially when it comes to our rapidly graying population.

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