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When a Parent's Short-Term Rehab Becomes Long-Term Care

For some seniors, short-term rehab can end up becoming a transition stage to long-term care. Medical science can't always predict how the human body will heal. There are times when a person just doesn't respond as expected to treatment, or when there is simply more deterioration than the body can overcome.

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Meyer Family Rehabilitation Center Provides Top-Notch Care at Marjorie P. Lee

Rehabilitation plays an invaluable role in helping seniors recovering from illnesses and injuries stay active, independent and healthy. But all rehabilitation centers aren’t created equal. Five years after first conceptualizing what an updated therapy center at Marjorie P. Lee would look like, we’re delighted to announce that our major renovation project is complete. The result? The exceptional Meyer Family Rehabilitation Center.

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Short-Term Rehab vs. Straight Home: What's the Best Option for Your Elderly Client?

When elderly patients are discharged from the hospital following an injury, illness or surgery, they’re often faced with the decision of whether to recover in a short-term rehabilitation center, such as Marjorie P. Lee in Cincinnati’s Hyde Park neighborhood, or at home.

Wondering which is better for your clients? Read on for a closer look at the pros and cons of short-term rehab versus rehabilitating at home.


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Checklist: How to Choose a Short-Term Rehab Provider

Maybe you’re having back or neck surgery to correct years of damage and chronic pain. Or you have an upcoming, elective knee or hip replacement surgery. Or you’re slowly mending in the hospital after having been seriously ill or injured.

And your doctor has informed you that, to continue your recovery and regain your strength, you’ll need a stay in a skilled nursing care center  for short-term rehabilitation before you can safely return home.

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