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The Top 7 Causes of Memory Loss and What to Do About Them

It can be disconcerting to realize you have a gap in your memory or to notice it in someone you love.

That’s because the first thing most people think of when they notice an older person is having difficulty remembering things is probably Alzheimer’s disease — especially given the relatively high profile the disease has had over the past several decades.

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Is It Safe for My Aging Parents to Return Home After a Stroke?

Strokes are not uncommon among the elderly. If one of your aging parents has had one, you may be wondering if it is safe for them to return home after the hospital or rehab center discharges them. Usually, your parent's doctor and/or rehab specialist will let you know upon discharge whether there needs to be someone at home with your parent at all times or not, and what, if any, aides and ongoing therapy they may need. But if you’re not 100% certain what needs to be done, make sure to ask questions — before bringing your parent back to their home. You want to feel comfortable leaving them there. The urge to have them come live with you may be strong, but this may not be the best solutions, especially as your parent may wish to retain their independence. Getting your questions answered will make you feel better about your parent's situation.

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