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Don’t Equate Assisted Care with a Nursing Home

Although you’re probably quite familiar with the terms “assisted living” and “nursing care,” you may not realize that you’re working with the wrong definitions of the words. Both may be offered by the same providers, but they really are quite different from one another.

In the past, you may have equated assisted care with nursing home living because the two seem similar at first glance. The intent of both types of care is to provide daily support for older adults and individuals with certain disabilities. Both are associated with retirement living, and they can often be found within the same building!

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Is Assisted Care Right for Your Parents?

If your parents, like millions of other older Americans, are fiercely protective of their independence but struggle to keep up with the day to day demands of living alone, an assisted care community may be the answer you’re looking for.

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Are Your Elderly Parents Being Exploited by Senior Care Services?

No one quite knows why, but, for the most part, elderly Americas are quicker to place their trust in people. Maybe it’s because they grew up in a simpler time when people trusted each other more.

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Dignity, Purpose, Care: Senior Rehabilitation Services in Cincinnati

After a hospital stay, surgery, or life-changing injury or event there is one goal in mind: to get back to living.  But sometimes you can’t just pick up where you left off.  Recovery may require extensive therapy and even moving to a rehabilitation care facility for an extended period of time.

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