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3 Qualities to Look for in a Retirement Community

If you have never had occasion to visit anyone in a retirement community, you might only have a hazy idea of what to look for in terms of a suitable arrangement for yourself or a loved one. It doesn't take long, however, to determine desirable characteristics of senior apartments and the requisite services offered by exemplary modern developments.

For anyone exploring the range of options for senior living, whether in an independent community or at a facility that provides assisted living and a continuum of care, concentrate on the following questions:

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5 Reasons Seniors Should Adopt on Homeless Animals Day

Every year, 7.6 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters. 2.7 million of those pets will be euthanized, reports the ASPCA. Helping your mom or dad adopt one of these abandoned animals could save both their lives.

While you should never adopt an animal behind your parent’s back, encouraging a senior to adopt a pet can improve your loved one’s life, attitude, health and well-being in 5 key ways.

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Is Mom Really Safe in Her Home? Chances Are the Answer Is No

While many older adults live in senior apartments and enjoy it, it often takes a few years for an elderly person to get accustomed to the idea of selling a family home. But it may not be safe to just wait until mom is ready to move. While many elderly people do just fine living alone, as they get older, the dangers of living alone often increase. But it isn’t hard to determine if mom is starting to need more help.

Here are five dangers that mom may face at home that may indicate it’s time to consider finding a better living arrangement.

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5 Tips for Keeping a Senior's Apartment Cool This Summer

Summer heat poses serious health risks for the elderly because our bodies aren't as capable of cooling down in the heat as we age. Every year, as temperatures rise, warnings go out through the media to make sure that the elderly and those with health conditions have adequate shelter from the weather. For those concerned about caring for elderly family members who are living in senior apartments, there are a number of fairly simple and cost effective ways to make sure the temperature indoors is always comfortable.

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4 Changes That Help Adapt Senior Apartments to Life with Arthritis


If you have a parent or senior family member with moderate to severe arthritis, you can help improve their comfort at home by making these changes at their house or apartment.

1. Adjust the Bed

Anyone who lives with arthritis, of any kind, will tell you that it’s often a struggle to get a good night’s sleep—they just can’t find a position that alleviates pain and soreness. And, sometimes, it can be difficult to even get into bed.

Here’s how you can help:

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How to Make a Senior's Apartment Safer without 24-Hour Surveillance

As mom and dad get older, you may find yourself wishing that you were able to keep an eye on them 24/7. Yet, despite your fears about their safety, you don't want to take away their sense of independence. With a little empathy and understanding, you can address the issues that commonly affect seniors and make their independent living situation safer and more comfortable.

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