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The Benefits of Cat Companionship for Seniors Who Live Alone

Social isolation can have a profound toll on older adults. Depression and loneliness set in, and physical health and cognitive sharpness decline. While there is no substitute for compassionate and stimulating human contact, having a pet can help a senior thrive. In fact having animal companionship can be so beneficial that an increasing number of retirement communities are inviting residents to bring their four-legged friends along with them, which is a win/win for everyone.

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Volunteering May Be the Best Thing for Isolated Seniors

When you meet older adults living in today’s retirement communities, they are so vital that you’d think they had actually moved into engagement communities. There is no brooding and sitting around all day for these dynamos. They know that staying active physically, mentally, and emotionally is the key to an enriched life. Now that they are free of the burdens of caring for a home, they’ve got plenty of time to themselves. But the funny thing is—these seniors are usually not spending a lot of time in their new homes. Most are probably volunteering somewhere. 

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