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3 Simple Rules for Discussing Finances With Your Parents

Just the thought of entering into a discussion with our parents about their finances can cause anxiety. But as they reach retirement age, planning for their future becomes even more imperative. Your parents may need assisted care at some point in the future or decide to move to another city or into a retirement community, and taking steps now to make sure that they have the financial security to make these changes will help ensure that they’re enjoying life well into their golden years.

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The Threat of Alzheimer's Disease Complicates Future Care Decisions

Waiting to learn whether you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease is an uneasy time, one usually filled with turmoil and uncertainty. But you may be able to find comfort in facing the disease head on and establishing a plan for your future with Alzheimer's.

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Do You Know if Your Money Will Be Safe after Retirement?

If it seems like most of your days of late have been spent imagining all of the amazing adventures and wonderful experiences you’re going to enjoy after retirement, you need to start your financial planning now.

If you’re close to retirement, you probably already have an advisor managing your investments. But as the day draws ever near, you may have started to wonder if your current advisor understands the ins and outs of the lifestyle you see yourself enjoying after you retire.

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