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4 Brain-Enhancing Foods That Could Help Prevent Memory Loss

There are many claims out there — on click-bait websites, on Facebook and Twitter, in radio advertising — about so-called “miracle” products that prevent age-related memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

They’re all false. Every single last one of them.

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Can You Think Yourself to Better Brain Health?

The Alzheimer’s Association reports there are currently five million people living with dementia, and as the baby boomer generation enters its golden years and the numbers continue to grow, memory care is rapidly becoming a pressing concern in the United States.

The hunt is on for new support programs, care techniques, and technologies that may offer a solution.

There’s been a not in considerable buzz in healthcare surrounding the plethora of brain training applications and programs that claim, endorsed by neuroscientists, to reduce your risk of memory problems and dementia. But how accurate is that information?

Clinical studies offer conflicting viewpoints.

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