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Don't Pick a Community Just for the Skilled Nursing

Obviously, the quality and attentiveness of health services is central to your choice of a skilled nursing facility, but health is measured in many different ways. And as we’ve discovered during the past few decades, happiness, satisfaction, security and a sense of community are just as vital as medical care.

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Don’t Use Outdated Standards to Choose Your Skilled Nursing Care


Rehabilitation and other skilled nursing care is more than the sum of its expenses—more than the 100 days of post-hospital supervision that you’re entitled to under your Medicare coverage.

So, if you’ve been thinking of skilled nursing care as just another painful step on the road to recovery (or the last stop before a nursing home), think again.

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Five Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Assisted Living


Many seniors and their families avoid the subject of placement in residential nursing care until all other options have been exhausted. They fear a loss of independence; moving into a nursing home means living on the facility's schedule, losing home comforts and having less privacy. But what if that were not always the case?

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Deupree Cottages: What Senior Care Should Be

Imagine a nursing home that doesn’t look or feel like a nursing home—a place where residents receive the highest quality care in a household setting. Imagine a skilled nursing environment where residents are encouraged to take charge of their day and make their own decisions.

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