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Make an Investment in the Health of Your Family

As any doctor will tell you, family health history can have many implications for an individual's future health. Although some conditions, like hemophilia or Down's syndrome, are caused by genetic mutations and are thus present from birth, other diseases with possible genetic links may not develop or become evident until later in life.

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Deupree House October Events Calendar

October is going to be another great month here at Deupree House.

We kicked the month off with an unforgettable adventure at America’s largest restored Shaker Community in Pleasant Hill, KY. At the Village, we had a chance to see a solo Shaker music performance, take a tour of the community, learn about Shaker beliefs, theology, and agriculture, shop at the craft store which features an extensive selection of fine handmade crafts and gifts, and enjoy an excellent dinner.

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5 Decisions to Make Now About Your Future Care

Life moves swiftly for most of us, and it often seems to pick up speed as we get older—days, weeks and years passing by all too quickly. And many people experience a bit of a shock when the “someday” of retirement arrives, seemingly out of nowhere, bringing with it more than a few difficult decisions.

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Could Your Smartphone Warn You About Unstable Vital Signs?

Health care is one of the most immediate concerns for the family of a senior who lives independently. This is particularly true for older adults who have breathing difficulties like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or asthma, a history of unstable heart conditions like atrial fibrillation or high blood pressure, or require close diabetes management.

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