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8 Tips For Your First Few Months In A Senior Living Community

Moving to a new home is never easy, but it can be particularly challenging if that home is a senior living community. No matter how good a fit it ends up being, the first few months are bound to be challenging.

But if you have the right attitude and take the necessary steps, you can make the transition with ease and enjoy your new life from the beginning. The following tips will help you adjust to your new home as quickly and smoothly as possible:

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6 Signs You Shouldn't Live In A Retirement Community

Of all the plans you make for retirement, few matter more than where you choose to spend your golden years. The more carefully you choose a retirement community, the easier it is to stay happy, healthy, and comfortable no matter what the future brings.

Many people assume a retirement community is the best place for seniors, as it gives them access to all the services and activities they need. But a retirement community might not be right for you if: 


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Want to Grow Old Gracefully? Look to These 3 Inspiring Seniors

What does it mean to "grow old gracefully" or to "age with purpose"?

Are these just buzz phrases that the positive aging movement bandies about, or are there specific examples of older people in Cincinnati and the surrounding Tristate who live purposefully and visibly, inspiring seniors here and elsewhere?

There sure are. Today, let's introduce you to three of them.

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3 Ways to Age with Purpose

One of the most pressing topics in senior care today is figuring out new ways to help seniors age with purpose.

Seniors who feel like they have a sense of purpose are more likely to have a positive outlook of the future, which is in turn associated with better physical, mental and spiritual health.

They're less likely, too, to develop chronic illnesses like heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer's disease or other dementia disorders, or to experience clinical depression.

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Aging Myths and Facts You Need to Know

We live in an era of information silos, social media clickbait, fake news and "alternative facts."

So, how are we supposed to separate aging truth from aging fiction? How can a senior living in Cincinnati (and his or her family caregivers) determine what's real and what's not?

We're here to help you. Today, our Deupree House experts will walk us through several enduring myths, and tell us the facts about healthy, positive aging.

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3 Must-Read Books About Positive Aging

Here at Deupree House and at our sister retirement community, Marjorie P. Lee in Hyde Park, many of the residents enjoy participating in reading clubs.

That and the theme of this year's upcoming Refresh Your Soul installment got us thinking: what are some excellent books that reflect the positive aging ethos?

Well, we did our homework. Today, let's discuss three must-read books about (or reflecting) positive aging.

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4 Creative Ways to Stay Young in Cincinnati

One of the questions that has befuddled mankind for centuries is how to stay young. We age. We die. We don't like that we age and die, and some of us have a difficult time accepting it.

And why should we accept it? Why shouldn't seniors living in Cincinnati and beyond try to find ways to stay young? What does "young" really mean?

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