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New Implications for the Affordable Care Act and Senior Healthcare

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and senior healthcare. And none of them seem to agree.

Some of those opinions have an obviously political bent while others take a more philosophical approach to interpreting the reform. But if you want solid information about the ACA, perhaps it’s best to pay attention to those who have spent time crunching the numbers.

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Demystifing Senior Healthcare Options for the Soon to Retire

If you’re planning to retire soon, your mind is probably already in a whirl.

Your first concern, of course, is whether your savings will be enough. Even if you have spent a lifetime diligently saving, with an economy like ours, it’s hard to be sure. Uncertainty is the only certainty.

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Get the Facts About How New Legislation Affects Senior Healthcare

With the less than smooth rollout of the Health Exchanges, and the continued trouble plaguing Healthcare.gov, many Americans are concerned about what this means for the Affordable Care Act and their healthcare.

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